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Loose Tigers in Texas and Other Stuff With Fines Lower Than Cannabis

Peach Extraordianire

Guy on parole (bail?) for Murder ... escapes police with his pet Bengal Tiger.  Not sure what the most disturbing part of all this.  Okay, I guess you can be dealt a Get Out of Jail card for Murder (pending trial, right?).  You CAN own a tiger in Texas - Houston being the exception.  Maximum fine for all this?  $500.00.  While they will no longer imprison you forever for a seed, the fine for 2 ounces or less of cannabis in Texas still carries a fine of up to $2,000.00.  So now, as with a personal home-armory - a freakin' Bengal Tiger is considered safer and saner than an ounce of weed?  

FYI - they caught the guy (alleged murderer) but they can't find his cat.  

Topic starter Posted : May 11, 2021 10:54 am
Ultimate Peach

New York City under Mayor de Blasio has apparently abolished bail for most crimes because it is racist. Often people of color can't make bail and sit in jail for weeks or months before going to court. And often other people have the money or property and walk the same day on a bail bond. So the answer apparently is to abolish bail for most crimes.  Now people arrested for many types of crimes with a gun are back on the street later the day of the arrest!!

I remember Texas in the 1970's. Us old hippies were afraid to go into Texas. One or two joints often meant 10 years in prison. 7 years for armed robbery!! Unbelievable!!! 

And the police in Texas in the 70's dressed like Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke! Western hats and boots. In the 1970's if a group began yelling defund the police, the Texas Rangers would have rounded them up and beat them half to death. 

The law in Texas and Kansas. 


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