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China knew about the Covid-19 virus in 2012?  

Peach Extraordianire

NY Post article claiming that the Covid-19 virus was diagnosed on 2012, and escaped from the Wuhan Lab where it had been tested.


Edit, big edit:  Tried to post link, didn't work, three different times.

Just go to and put in the search bar "covid in chinese miner in 2012"  click on the "we may now know the origins of coronavirus, according to scientists"

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Posted : October 27, 2020 6:51 pm
World Class Peach

Would you be surprised to learn the US Congress voted to fund the research on this and original research was done in North Carolina?

The media has largely been bought and sold.  Info. gets scrubbed (meaning they take it off) so people cannot find it.   

Posted : October 31, 2020 11:24 am