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I Found A Love: Allman Brothers Band, 8-20-2013

World Class Peach

I stumbled upon this gem on YouTube this evening.  How often have you heard ABB cover Wilson Pickett?  Probably never before right now.  Gregg did this tune on his Back To Macon live solo CD/DVD (GREAT disc if you don't have it).  I think his solo version is better because it includes his horn section which is intregral to this tune.  Still, ABB's version which I posted above is very good, mostly because Gregg is such a TREMENDOUS Soul singer.

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Peach Extraordianire

I agree! Gregg is very good on I Found A Love. I always wanted to hear Wilson Pickett's 634-5789. 

In the late 1970's Gregg did Clarence Carter's Slip Away on his then lastest album. But at the solo show I attended people in the audience were yelling for Slip Away. Gregg finally acknowledged them by saying they needed to polish it up a little more before they play it on stage. 

Just after Gregg's death, Jaimoe said he nevered cared for people saying and writing Gregg was one of the best white blues singers. Jaimoe said Gregg was one of the best blues singers period. 

I think Gregg could do a great version of this!!

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