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When will the new Fillmore West show be released?  

Peach Bud

They just released a Fillmore West show on Sirius XM for the 50th anniversary and they said the album will be released later this year. Does anyone know when will that be?

Posted : April 24, 2019 6:02 am
Peach Extraordianire

Guessing it'll stay a Sirius radio thing only -- parts of it have, apparently, been played there -- chance of commercial release, dim -- would've been by now

Posted : June 14, 2019 9:45 am
Ultimate Peach

Guessing it'll stay a Sirius radio thing only -- parts of it have, apparently, been played there -- chance of commercial release, dim -- would've been by now

I was able to listen to the original Sirius broadcast and there is supposed to be a 4CD release sometime this year. Here were my impressions of the broadcast

The show was DJ'd by Warren Haynes wife, Stefani Scamardo, with him giving color commentary. It was mentioned that this will be a 4CD box set from 2 track SB tapes to be released later this year. She also said that the band played 4 nights, starting the 27th, as the middle act with Hot Tuna as the headliners, which jives for the band lineup, but not the dates, on the concert poster someone posted earlier. It was mentioned that the first nights tape from the 27th has not been found so I am assuming the box set will hopefully be from the last 3 nights.

Here was the first discrepancy I noticed as she claims the shows started the 27th to the 30th but the concert poster states 28-31st. Also I read on the ABB forum that the show from the 29th was actually played at Winterland and not the Fillmore West so I am curious what the reality is.

The second thing I noticed is the broadcast is claimed to be from the third show, which according to Scamardo's timeline would be the 29th, yet right before "Don't Keep Me Wondering" Duane says they enjoyed the first three nights and they would enjoy this one or something to that effect. So I am wondering if this tape is from the following night?

In any case, the total broadcast time was around 45 minutes and a setlist of 7 songs which is about right when the Allmans played support. I got to listen to almost the complete broadcast except for about 15 minutes right before You Don't Love Me" where I had to get out of the car to take care of business.

The first impression is this is a fantastic recording which is clear and well balanced for the most part. I did notice that for the first 2 tracks the drums were a bit recessed in the background and the same on the last track "Whipping Post". On the other tracks, all the instruments are well balanced but, as you would expect with a 2 track SB recording, the separation is not very wide so as long as you're not expecting the multitrack separation of the 2014 Fillmore Recordings I think you won't be disappointed in the sound quality.

The performance is hot and the highlight for me was one of my favorite live Brothers tracks "You Don't Love Me". You can hear elements of the later version that is on the original Fillmore East album but with interesting twists. The playing is much looser and more improvised IMO and the famous Betts solo is very similar to the Fillmore East version but slower with Duane and Berry noodling in the background behind him as opposed to the intense Fillmore East solo with Butch and Jaimoe driving Betts on with their powerhouse drumming.

All in all a very exciting treat awaits us when this box set finally is released.

Posted : June 14, 2019 11:46 am
Extreme Peach

I ordered it. Can't wait to receive it.

Posted : July 5, 2019 11:20 am