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have you ever loved a woman  

Peach Head

that version Duane did with Derek and the dominos on dec 1 1970 Tampa is smoking......he was in regular tuning no slide and there is a part where eric and Duane trade licks and Duane does these B B king influenced licks that are so goddamn good and tasteful I listen to it over and over, as Duane does he picks these licks that are so him but so unexpected it can bring tears to your soul....go give it a listen or another listen...SO GOOD!!!!!!!! also the "key to the highway" slide work is so fucking only disappointment besides of course sound(but that aint real bad) is you cannot hear him real good on "why does love got to be so sad" I have tried so hard to hear him better, I think the taper was closer to Erics stack....

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Topic starter Posted : November 4, 2016 4:31 pm
Peach Head

That's so good! Key to the Highway likewise. my favourite though is Blues Power. Often my favourite all time solo, not just Duane. A good idea is just to make a tape or cd of those three tunes, that way you get the best sound and best solos to concentrate on and avoid the listener fatigue of wading thru the other poorer recorded, and not so memorable playing on the other tracks. Better focus leads to better appreciation of Duane's big three. I still can't help getting crushed when Clapton cuts off Duane on the Key to the Highway. Southern Gentleman, why didn't he just keep playing?

Posted : November 17, 2016 10:43 am