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Based upon a list of Duane era ABB shows originally produced by Clay Pelland, that has been added to and enhanced following various discussions on this board over the past several years, I believe the following list to be the accurate dates of genuine recordings of Duane era ABB shows.

If anybody has a show with a date other than one of these, it is a strong possibility that it is either a bogus show (perhaps fabricated by an amalgamation of tracks from other shows by an unscrupulous bootlegger) or one that has been incorrectly dated.

I do not claim to be the font of all knowledge on this subject, I have merely collated what information I can from various sources, so if anyone has any additional information then please feel free to comment and I will edit and update the list as appropriate.


03/30/69 @ Jacksonville Armoury  (2 discs)

This bootleg purports to be a “Second Coming” gig supposedly performed by the fledgling ABB just four days after the famous “Jacksonville Jam” when the ABB was allegedly officially formed.  Duane, Dickey, Berry, Butch and Jaimo are all there, but Gregg is not, Reese Wynans is on keyboards.  Dale Betts is also on vocals on one track however, and in the band introductions on track 3 of disc 2 the MC introduces all of the above except for Berry, saying "Richard" on Bass, who I believe to be Richard Price (previously of "The Load").  It has also been said that Larry Reinhardt (later of "Iron Butterfly") may also be on some of the tracks.

All of the above led me to believe that this "show" was actually an amalgamation of recordings from more than one gig, something that has now been confirmed by Richard Price himself, who wrote the following:

"I am Richard Price you spoke of above who was in THE LOAD. I was also in the 2nd version of THE SECOND COMING (after Dickey and Berry left).  The music you have, and it is probably very rough, is a mixture of several gigs. Some of the tunes were at the CEDAR HILLS ARMORY. The tunes where you described an MC naming me instead of Berry were at THE JACKSONVILLE COLISEUM in Jacksonville beach. The dates are different depending on which venue we were at. I have all the dates. They were all in 1969 though within a few months of each other. I can look up the exact dates of each gig later.

The term the Jacksonville Jam has been misrepresented for 40 some years. There was no one Jacksonville Jam. There were many jams over a period of months. During one of those jams the configuration of what became the ABB was on stage. We recorded many nights of jams. There were several intense nights. After one of those nights there happened to be a jam that Duane was particularly impressed by and the future ABB members happened to be in that jam.

The tapes you have are shows done by THE LOAD & the 1st version of THE SECOND COMING (with Dickey, Dale, John Meeks, Berry, and Reese). These two bands threw the jams and Jaimoe, Duane & Butch Trucks were guests sitting in. This is why you don't hear Gregg. He wasn't in town yet. Some of the tunes you are listening to were 60's cover songs by the 1st Second Coming. Some of the other tunes were Jacksonville jams. I don't know if you have them all. You'd have to give me a list.

Berry and I traded basses all night in these jams. The members of the LOAD were, Richard Price (me), Larry Reinhardt, & Monty Young. So it is true that Larry is on some of these jams.

I have the masters of all of this music and I am going to improve them in sound quality as best I can and put them out along with the never released SECOND COMING album. The Load took John Meeks and Reese and added them to the Load to form a new band after Dickey and Berry left and we kept the name SECOND COMING because 3 of the 5 of us had been in the 1st version. It also was a big draw."

Subsequent to the above, Richard was provided with the following track listing and commented further as below:

CD 1:

  1. Don't Want You No More
  2. Rock Me Baby
  3. Crossroads
  4. Born In Chicago
  5. Willie Jean Jam
  6. Born Under A Bad Sign

CD 2:

  1. She Has Funny Cars
  2. Hey Joe (Duane on vocals)
  3. New Shoes Blues > introductions
  4. Travellin' Music Jam

"As far as the song list above, the first 7 are the original SECOND COMING (with Dickey and Berry still in it). The next two are one of the Jacksonville jams at the Cedar Hills Armory. I was playing bass with Duane and Rhino on those. Dickey sang the Shoes Blues one and Duane sang Hey Joe.  The last one was live at the Jacksonville Beach Coliseum. I was playing bass on that as well. That's the one with the MC (Alan Facemier our manager).

There is a long 19 min jam that is missing from your collection. It may have been one of the ones Duane talked about inspiring him to start the ABB. I think there may be one more I haven't heard yet. I am trying to get it. The tapes you have have been copied over and over again to the point of bad distortion. I have the originals and plan to create a CD set called the Birth of Southern Rock as soon as I can clean them up.

One thing I want to make clear. Out of all of the Jacksonville jams, we would go home after playing until sunrise and stay up and listen to the music from the night before. There were several long spontaneous jams with different people trading places playing. I have a 19 minute one that the tape ran out on so it was really longer than that. Duane loved all of those long jams but I think that one of them may have stood out more to him. It probably had the original guys who would become the ABB without Gregg in that particular jam. Gregg was not in town yet for most of the jams. What I'm saying is that one jam may have made him make his final decision on who he would start the band with and when Gregg hit town they started rehearsing their original tunes which were mostly Gregg and Dickey's. You could call that The Jacksonville Jam but it has to stay in context of many jams that formed the dual and triple part harmonys on guitars. Those harmony guitar ideas started spontaneously in the jams between Dickey, Rhino & Duane. Later when they began to put songs together, they used these harmony ideas as part of their arrangements that the world fell in love with.

Richard Hombre Price"

05/04/69 @ Central City Park, Macon  (1 disc)

There had previously been a question mark over the legitimacy of this recording, as the Park that the band were more famously known to play at was Piedmont Park in Atlanta, and according to people who attended those shows the first such free show was a week after the alleged date of this show.  It has been confirmed by Macon residents, however, that the band did indeed play gigs in Central City Park in Macon, so the purported venue for this recording may well be legitimate.  Whether the date is correct is still debatable, but the tracks, and the versions of them, are certainly of the era, and the disc is not an obvious compilation of tracks from other known shows.  (Note that some traded versions of this show have the 3 tracks from 01/26/70 as filler tracks on the end).

01/16/70 @ Fillmore West, San Francisco  (1 disc)

01/26/70  (aka 01/20/70)  @ University Of California, Riverside  (1 disc)

There are only three genuine tracks from this date – “Blues Jam”, “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed” & “Oh Pretty Woman” – but most versions also have “Dreams” as a filler track, which is actually from the 02/01/71 Whiskey A Go-Go show.

Whilst this show had previously been traded as 01/20/70, the correct date has been ascertained to be 01/26/70.

The ABB database has them listed as playing the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Los Angeles from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th inclusive, so with Riverside being a suburb of LA it would make sense that the free gig was during this time.  However, the ABB database also has them listed as playing the Fillmore West in San Francisco from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th inclusive, so as they were on the west coast for that entire period then either date could potentially be true.

The first piece of evidence doubting the 01/20 date was the following extract from the UCR (University of California – Riverside) timeline database:

"Jan. 24, 1970 -- The Allman Brothers Band spend the afternoon playing soulful rock on the grassy knoll near the bell tower. Crowd size varies all day."

However, this date is also in doubt due to the following information provided by a friend of the taper who was in attendance, "tonewoods", who wrote the following:

"OK, if I had to bet the farm on a date, I would go with the 26th…

I'm probably the source for the 20th date, based on who-knows-what 35 years ago, this was way before I had access to the Whisky dates, the internet, etc. etc...

It was a guess, and in retrospect, a pretty good one...

I used to trade tapes heavily back in the day (including this one), and that's how the date got written into the record...

OK, here's what I do know...

Duane told me that they had just come from the Whiskey the previous evening, and I got the impression they were just killing time on a beautiful January day in the California desert on their way to the next gig...

They had a Winnebago, and an equipment truck...

I'd say this gig took place on a weekday. I remember cutting classes, and Craig (the taper) was on his way to class w/tape recorder in hand, by chance...

What circulates is probably my tape transfer (especially if your copy has the Whiskey "Dreams" tacked onto it)...

For you folks who haven't had a listen to the tape, Duane's solo on "Oh Pretty Woman" is worth the price of admission...

It smokes, and really stands the test of time, and just hints at what the band sounded like that day..."

"tonewoods" goes on to say:

"They just played the Whiskey the night before, and were not in any hurry to get anywhere, much less hustle back into LA, set up again, and resume their Whiskey engagement..."

As the final gig at the Whiskey was Sunday 25th, then this seems like a pretty convincing argument for Monday 26th being the correct date.

Confirmation of this date was finally provided from another UCR student who was also in attendance at the gig, Bruce Harvie, who on 26th January 2020 posted the following on the "Duane Allman ~ Skydog Fan Page" on Facebook:

"Two weeks ago I happened to be passing by the campus and decided to take a few pics of the Mall.  While there, I went to the library and looked up the student newspaper to see if I could nail down a date.  Score!  Joel Selvin - the well-known rock critic - was also a student at UCR (and I'm pretty sure had a hand in getting the band to play at UCR in the first place) and had written an article in the Highlander about that day."

Bruce posted a photo of the article which was dated Jan 30th 1970 and refers to the Allman Brothers having played at the campus the previous Monday, the 26th. 

In his post, Bruce also mentioned the following:

"Gregg was not singing ... throat problems from their recent stint at the Whiskey ... Berry sang a bunch ... I don't remember Duane singing, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did ..."

To read Bruce’s fascinating full account of that day complete with pictures, go to:

02/11/70 @ Fillmore East, NYC  (1 disc)

02/14/70 @ Fillmore East, NYC  (1 disc)

The above two shows already fell into a grey area with regards to tradability due to the 1997 commercial release by Grateful Dead Records – "Fillmore East Feb ‘70" – that was a compilation containing tracks from these two shows along with snippets from the partially recorded 2/13 show.  In 2018 the Owsley Stanley Foundation & ABB Recording Company re-released the compilation CD and also made available the original recordings of 2/11, 2/13 and 2/14, hence these shows are definitely no longer considered to be tradable. 

"Fillmore East February 1970" track list details are as follows:

  1. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (2/14)
  2. Hoochie Coochie Man (2/14)
  3. Statesboro Blues (2/11)
  4. Trouble No More (2/11)
  5. Outskirts Of Town (2/13 beginning & 2/14 ending) *
  6. Whipping Post (2/14)
  7. Mountain Jam (2/14 beginning & 2/13 drum solo to end) *

*  complete recordings from individual shows were not available due to tape flips, hence full tracks were created by splicing partial recordings from different nights.

Note that the Feb 70 compilation also crops up in trading circles listed as being the 02/13/70 show, this is bogus as only three tracks were recorded on 2/13.

03/13/70 @ The Warehouse, New Orleans  (1 disc)

{CaptSkipper Remaster available ~ V2 in 2014}

04/04/70 @ Ludlow Garage, Cincinnatti  (2 discs)

This show was not considered to be tradable following the 1990 commercial release “Live At Ludlow Garage 1970”, although the audience taped version of the show was still sought after as it was complete, including the track “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed” that was omitted from the 1990 commercial release.  Subsequently, however, a superbly remastered version of the complete show was officially released in 2015 as bonus discs on the 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition re-issue of the "Idlewild South" album.

04/28/70 @ SUNY Gym, Stony Brook  (1 disc & 2 disc versions)

{scotiadave remaster available}

The Mountain Jam on the two disc version of this show is still incomplete (cutting out before the end) however it is 7 minutes longer than the MJ on the one disc version of this show that also circulates in the trading circles (perhaps curtailed by a bootlegger to get it to fit on one disc).

05/02/70 @ Swarthmore College  (2 discs)

{CaptSkipper Remaster available}

An excellent show with versions of “Outskirts of Town”, “Oh Pretty Woman” (Berry on vocals) and “Dimples” (Duane on vocals). Also has a guest appearance by Ted Deane of The Quill on sax (introduced by Duane at the start of Stormy Monday).

05/??/70 @ Georgian Terrace Hotel Ballroom – Atlanta  (1 disc - partial)

{CaptSkipper Remaster available – “Peach Cobbler 6”}

Currently, there is only the final tune from the main set (Mountain Jam) and the encore (Don’t Want You No More / It’s Not My Cross To Bear) available.  It was originally hoped that the rest of the show would also be transcribed from analogue tape to digital by Johnny Sandlin and then given to Skip to be remastered, however this did not happen before Skip sadly passed away.

This is a contender for the best version of “Mountain Jam” by the original band, played with such dynamic enthusiasm.  It would be wonderful to be able to hear the rest of this show, the full track listing of which is given below, although with the passing of time this appears more and more unlikely.

  1. Intro
  2. Statesboro Blues > Jam
  3. Trouble No More
  4. Every Hungry Woman
  5. Dimples
  6. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
  7. Outskirts of Town
  8. Whipping Post
  9. Mountain Jam
  10. Don’t Want You No More >
  11. It’s Not My Cross To Bear

(Tracks in bold are all that are currently available)

For those interested in the basic background behind this recording, the following are a few snippets of quotes by Ann Sandlin:

"The tape with the show was discovered in a trunk along with a number of other historically interesting tapes Johnny had long thought were stolen when our garage was cleaned out several years ago. It took a while before we even listened to the tapes and then a while longer before Johnny transferred the Mountain Jam to DAT.

It wasn't long after the music was transferred that a copy of the DAT was given to KW with the caveat he had to promise to not try to do anything with it. Johnny didn't think it would be anything Polygram would be interested in, but he felt honor bound to offer it to them in hope that the band and Berry and Duane's heirs would benefit from any sales. Polygram wasn't interested and the tape sat in our safe for a few more years.

After the record company passed, Johnny was all for releasing it for trading, however the original quality of the tape wasn't very good. When Skip offered his mastering services if we ever needed them, we sent him the Mountain Jam. Skip worked on it for several weeks before he felt it was ready to go and now, it's finally out there for everyone to enjoy.

At the time Skip was working on the CD we were trying to figure out where (and when) it was recorded. The box had Atlanta written on it and after doing some research Skip came up with the date originally listed on the disc - 5/23/70. Since the CD has been released and listened to, Johnny remembered the tape had been recorded at Alex Cooley's Ballroom.

I talked more with Johnny and got some additional information he remembered .... sometimes he has no idea what he knows until I drag it out of him .... but the tape for certain was recorded in Atlanta at an event promoted by Alex Cooley. I don't know who recorded it, but Duane got it to Johnny to keep."

The date on the original “Peach Cobbler 6” has since been proven to be wrong, it is still not known what the correct date is, but the general consensus due to the development level of the Mountain Jam is that it is from spring 1970, probably May.  One thing that has been verified is the venue, which is the Ballroom at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta.

Many thanks to Skip for his unending diligence in remastering this gem, to Ann for making sure this was available for us all to enjoy, to Johnny for keeping this treasure for us and of course to Duane who was absolutely on fire this night and surely must have realised what a wonderful recording it was that he was passing on to his friend.

06/14/70 @ Piedmont Park, Atlanta  (1 disc)

There are only three genuine tracks from this date – “Oh Pretty Woman”, “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed” & “Blues Jam” (a different jam to the one on 01/26/70) – but most versions also have a “Mountain Jam” filler track, which is actually from the 09/27/70 Piedmont Park show.

??/??/70 ("TAMPA ’70") @ Fort Homer W Hesterly Armory, Tampa  (1 disc)

{CaptSkipper remaster available}

This is a partial recording of the first set of an ABB gig with Gregg conspicuously absent, consequently Duane (and oddly, not Berry) takes over the vocal duties, and Reese Wynans sits in on keyboards. The recording begins by fading in at towards the end of Statesboro Blues which then goes on into an extended jam ending.

  1. Statesboro Blues Jam
  2. Trouble No More (Duane vocal)
  3. Goin' Down Slow (Duane vocal)
  4. Tuning
  5. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

At the end of this recording, Duane says "we'll be right back in 5 minutes". One can only hope that another tape reel with Set 2 shows up somewhere down the line.

Recorded by Dave Boswell ~ Tape Transfer by Matt Smith

Lineage: MR > ? >> BASF reel @ 3-3/4 IPS > Akai GX-636 > Apogee Mini Me (24/96) > Apogee Mini > Dac (monitoring/mastering) > Wavelab 5.0 (Dithered to 16/44) > CD > Capt. Skipper for further mastering.

Bruce (tonewoods), who provided this recording to the ABB trading community stated the following:

"I'm calling this recording "Tampa '70" for no other reason than that is what was written on the tape box, but the truth is we don't have confirmation as to the date and venue."

Skip (CaptSkipper) Littlewood subsequently added:

"Pretty sure we got us a venue for the show.  My buddy, Jack Weston, got through to Reese Wynans today and chatted.  Reese said he remembers the show and that Duane called him to play.  His recollection, that he said he is 98% sure of, is that the gig was at the Tampa National Guard Armory (Fort Homer W Hesterly).  Unfortunately, he could not pin down a date."

07/03/70 @ Atlanta Pop Festival, Byron  (2 discs)

07/05/70 @ Atlanta Pop Festival, Byron  (2 discs)

{CaptSkipper Remaster available}

The above two shows are not considered to be tradable any longer due to the 2003 commercial release “Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival”.

07/09/70 @ SUNY Stony Brook  (1 disc)

{Masahiko Remaster available}

  1. Dreams
  2. Midnight Rider
  3. Elizabeth Reed
  4. Whipping Post >
  5. Mountain Jam

This recording was obtained for us by Anthony Spare, an ex SUNY student who only just started collecting live shows last year (2016). He told us the following:

"I ran into George Geranios via the ABB Stony Brook comment section on YouTube a few months ago in 2016, and he sent me this CD in the mail stating it is Seth Dworken's recording of the 7/9/70 Stony Brook Summer Orientation Pre-Concert."

When the date of the show was brought into question, due to the known show on 7/10/70 when the ABB opened for Mountain, Anthony went on to say:

"I spoke with George again and specifically asked him about the date. George said it was a warm up solo gig by the ABB and it for sure happened on the 9th, he was in attendance along with Seth Dworken.  He said that there were maybe 50 people in the Gym, and it was billed as an "Orientation Pre-Concert".  The early show on the 10th (which George also has a recording of) was the "regular concert" where the ABB opened for Mountain. That is why the early show on the 10th is shorter, it is an opening act set.  On the 9th they stretched out because they could. No other act played."

Moyssi, who was a lighting director for SUNY Stony Brook during this time and was friends with both George Geranios and Seth Dworken who ran the sound, adds the following:

"My favorite fact is that we paid the Allman Brothers all of $300 for their first gig in our gym. It was a Thursday night with just the ABB in 1970, followed by them opening for two shows with Mountain on Friday. ABB did Stormy Monday, which Mountain also did as the headliner. After the early show, Leslie West wisely asked if he could open for ABB on the late show. What a friggin' wonderful show that turned out to be.

Many, most, maybe all of those shows were recorded with permission on an Ampex 300 or 301 from the sound mixer. Seth Dworkin was the mixer - a brainiac who went on to win a Grammy with the Grateful Dead and direct satellite operations for Wall Street Journal - he kept all the original recordings (made on Scotch professional 1/4" tape supplied by me). He died of Crohn's disease last summer, just after we got reacquainted and he verified that he still had all the tapes.

The Problem is that I can't figure out how to get in touch with the family and those tapes would need careful attention. I had a primary dub of the 1970 ABB/Mountain gig and ABB's archivist, Kirk West, told me it was the best FOH mixer recording he'd ever heard of the band. That was after they released the famous 1971 performance at Stony Brook that was recorded just weeks before the tragic motorcycle fatalities."


[b] 07/10/70 @ SUNY Stony Brook – Late Show ~ Partial (1 disc) ... (aka Early Show) [/b]


Set List:

Don't Keep Me Wonderin'

Stormy Monday

In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

You Don't Love Me


Whilst this show has been traded as the shorter Early Show (when they opened for Mountain) after Stormy Monday Duane clearly says “we know you late night people like the blues, so there you have it”.  I don’t think he would have referred to the audience at the early matinee show as “late night people” so I therefore think that this is probably a partial recording of the late show.


Furthermore, for information purposes, comparing the stage banter between the tracks on this recording and those on the 07/10/70 (aka 07/26/70) Early & Late Show Compilation, only Elizabeth Reed would appear to be a different version, the other three tracks and stage banter are the same on both recordings.


(See 07/09/70 above for further info on this recording)


[b]07/10/70 (aka 07/26/70) @ SUNY Gym, Stony Brook – Early & Late Show Compilation  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


Set List:

Don't Keep Me Wonderin'

Stormy Monday

In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

You Don't Love Me


Mountain Jam


Whilst 07/26/70 is the date that this show has often been traded under, the correct date is actually 07/10/70.


The first piece of evidence regarding the correct date for the show was provided by Don (dzobo) Sobocinski, who was attending S.U.N.Y. at the time.  He wrote the following:


[i]I'd like to clear up the date regarding the band's performance at Stony Brook in July (1970). During that summer, Stony Brook ran a special summer concert series that as an SB student on Long Island I had a particular interest in. The Allman Brothers only performed once (that summer), and that was as an opener for Mountain. I was at that show. Based on the work I was doing that summer, I could not have attended a Sunday show. I was working at Jones Beach and management requested that you work on weekends (especially Sundays, by far the busiest day) and take your off days Monday through Friday.  7/10/70 was a Friday and 7/26/70 a Sunday, so the show that actually occurred has to be 7/10/70.  I know all the tape copies continue to list 7/26/70, and I believe that the set list and locale are correct, but the date is 7/10/70. Specifically I remember the show I attended opened with "Don't Keep Me Wonderin" which was a pretty rare event. I also recall "Stormy Monday" and "Mountain Jam".[/i]


The second set of clues come from the ABB database.  It has S.U.N.Y. shows listed under both dates, however, for the 7/10/70 show, the database states that the date has been verified by a ticket stub, whereas for the 7/26/70 show, it states that according to the archivist for Mountain they were in Jacksonville on this night playing with Jethro Tull, and so could not have played at SUNY with the ABB this night.


The final verification came from Skip (captskipper) Littlewood, who wrote:


[i]To further comment on the verification of the 7/10/70 date, I contacted a fellow about a year ago who was on the StonyBrook sound and light crew who actually helped put that tape together. Just for everyone's info & records, the circulating material is in fact a compilation of the early and late shows from 7/10/70 and not one show.[/i]


It is therefore confirmed that 07/10/70 is the correct date for the show(s), a fact that is further verified by the discovery of the 07/09/70 show above.


[b]07/17/70 @ Love Valley Festival  (2 discs) [/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


[b]07/19/70 @ Love Valley Festival  (1 disc) [/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


[b]09/04/70 @ The Scene, Milwaukee  (2 discs)[/b]


[b]09/23/70 @ Fillmore East, NYC  (1 DVD)[/b]


[b]09/27/70 @ Piedmont Park, Atlanta  (1 disc) [/b]  –  Mountain Jam only


[b][color=red]12/13/70 @ American University, Washington DC  (2 discs)[/color][/b]

NOT FOR TRADE  –  ABB Archive #1 Commercial Release


[b]12/31/70 @ The Warehouse, New Orleans  (3 discs)[/b]

[color=tan]{V2 extraction by John Dubois available}[/color]


John Dubois (who worked at the Warehouse and later taped the 09/16/71 show) tells us:


[i]The taper of the New Years Eve ABB 12/31/70 Warehouse show was my friend Chaffe, in the audience with a brand new invention called the portable stereo cassette recorder. Chaffe and his high school buddies, ultra-ABB-fans, with the intention of just having a home personal recording of the band recorded the show, complete with comical comments & NYE interviews:  ("A man from Lafayette..."; "Sit down you bastards !" ;  "Fkn dynamite man"... "yeah they are"!).[/i]


[b]01/17/71 @ Syria Mosque, Pittsburg  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available ~ V2 in 2014}[/color]


[b]01/23/71 @ Capitol Theater, Port Chester - Early Show  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


Set List: Statesboro Blues / Trouble No More / Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ / Midnight Rider / Dreams / You Don’t Love Me / Whipping Post


[b]01/23/71 @ Capitol Theater, Port Chester - Late Show  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


Set List: Statesboro Blues / Trouble No More / Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ / In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed / Midnight Rider / You Don’t Love Me / Johnny B Goode / Whipping Post / Hot 'Lanta


[b] 01/28/71 @ Fillmore West, San Francisco (1 disc) [/b]

[color=gold] {CaptSkipper Remaster available} [/color]


Track List:  Statesboro Blues / Trouble No More / Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ / In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed / Midnight Rider / Dreams / You Don’t Love Me / Whipping Post


[b] 01/29/71 @ Winterland, San Francisco (1 track only – Whipping Post) [/b]


Regarding the venue for this show, according to Kim Payne (ABB Roadie) the show on the 29th was actually played at Winterland, and not the Fillmore West.  In further discussions about this, Joseph Campbell (ABB Roadie – “Red Dog”) also recalled having to move Greggs Hammond B3 Organ across the city for one show at Winterland after a show at the Fillmore West.  So it would seem that although the ABB had originally been booked to play the 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st at the Fillmore West, after playing there on the 28th for some reason (possibly technical or booking issues) they had to move over to Winterland for the show on the 29th, and then go back to the Fillmore for the shows on the 30th & 31st.


There are two bogus versions in circulation purporting to be this show. One is just a copy of 1/28 with a bit of manipulation of the crowd noise and stage banter between the tracks to give the impression that the recording is from a different show.  The other is a bit more devious in that it has stage banter from other shows inserted between the tracks.  This was proven by sonic analysis (thanks to Steve Cogley aka “oldcoot”) which also showed that some of the tracks had been fabricated by splicing together sections from different recordings.


It is therefore thought that no genuine recording exists of the full show at Winterland on 1/29, however there is a recording from a radio show that is in circulation, where the DJ announces “And now, live from Winterland, here’s Whipping Post from the Allman Brothers”.  This one track is considered to be the only authentic recording from the show on 01/29/71, and may well be what has been used on the second of the bogus shows referred to above.


[b][color=pink]01/30/71 @ Fillmore West, San Francisco  (1 disc)[/color][/b]

[color=gold]{Remastered Soundboard Recording}[/color]


This show falls into a grey area with regards to tradability, as it is a remastered soundboard recording that was prepared as part of the ABB Archive Release programme.  The show was never issued however, and following the passing of Butch Trucks, who was the one member of the band who fully supported the release of these archive shows, it may never be.  Copies of the show are known to exist in private trading circles however.


Track List: Statesboro Blues / Trouble No More / Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ / Tuning /  In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed / Stormy Monday / You Don’t Love Me / Whipping Post


[b]01/31/71 @ Fillmore West, San Francisco  (2 discs)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


The freely traded version of this show is an audience recording that has the following track list:  Disc 1 - Statesboro Blues / Trouble No More / Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ / In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed / Midnight Rider / Hoochie Coochie Man / Dreams … Disc 2 - You Don’t Love Me / Hot ’Lanta / Whipping Post


There is a second version of this show however, which falls into a grey area with regards to tradability as it is a remastered soundboard recording that was prepared as part of the ABB Archive Release programme.  The recording was never issued however, but copies are known to exist in private trading circles with the following track list:  Disc 1 - Statesboro Blues / Trouble No More / Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ / In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed / Midnight Rider / Hoochie Coochie Man / Dreams / You Don’t Love Me … Disc 2 - Hot ’Lanta / Whipping Post / One Way Out # / Mountain Jam #


# FillerTracks: “One Way Out” is from the 06/16/71 show at the Municipal Auditorium in Birmingham and “Mountain Jam” is from the 03/13/70 show at the Warehouse in New Orleans.


[b]02/01/71 (aka 10/02/71) @ Whiskey A Go-Go, LA  (1 disc)[/b]


There are only five genuine tracks from this date – “Statesboro Blues”, “Don’t Keep Me Wondering”, “Midnight Rider”, “Dreams” & “Hot ’Lanta” – but most traded versions also have a “Mountain Jam” filler track, which is actually from the 07/21/71 Central Park (late) show.


There has been some debate over the correct date for this show, which is also often traded as 10/02/71.  There is not much of a clue in the set list, as the tracks on this recording could be from either date.  There is also not much of a geographical clue from the known concert dates adjacent to the two possible dates either, because 02/01 is directly after the four shows at the Fillmore West (& Winterland) in San Fransisco, and the October date is sandwiched between a San Diego gig and a Washington State gig at the start of an autumn West Coast run.  Perhaps Sat 2nd Oct, with a known gig on the Friday before and the Sunday after, might be considered the more likely of the two dates, especially with Mon 1st Feb being after a Thursday to Sunday four day run in San Francisco, but this is not conclusive.


The most convincing evidence in favour of the October date is a series of photographs of Duane (allegedly) from the “Whiskey” where he is playing his Les Paul Tobacco Sunburst, which he did not get until June ’71.  If these photos are from the “Whiskey”, then it may well be that the ABB played there on both dates, because the overwhelming evidence that is in favour of this recording being from the February date comes from the recording itself, where at the end of the last track Duane says to the audience “That’s a new song we just played for you, it’s called Hot ‘Lanta”.  This track was far from new by October.  Furthermore, in mid '71 Duane and Dickey switched their order of solos on "Statesboro Blues" and on this recording it is in the earlier format.  So, in conclusion, these last two facts make Whiskey A Go-Go verifiable as 02/01/71.


[b]02/28/71 @ Brewer Field House, Columbia  (2 discs)[/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


There are two sources of this show, a partial show that is of reasonably good quality (A- ?) and a complete show that is of poorer quality (B+ ?).  What is normally traded is a hybrid, mixed source show.


[b][color=red]03/13/71 @ Fillmore East, NYC  (2 discs)[/color][/b]


This show was never considered to be tradable due to some of the tracks being on the commercial release “At Fillmore East” (which is a compilation of live tracks from different nights / shows of the March 1971 run).  This is a partial recording of the 03/13/71 late show comprising six tracks, four of which are versions that are on the "At Fillmore East" album, and two “Statesboro Blues” & “One Way Out” that are not.  Subsequently, in 2015 a box set of all of the 1971 Fillmore East shows was released ("The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings") which includes the complete 3/13 show.


[b]03/20/71 @ The Warehouse, New Orleans  (3 discs)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available of disc 3 only – Mountain Jam}[/color]

[color=tan]{V2 extraction by John Dubois available}[/color]


[b]03/25/71 @ St. Catherine's, Minneapolis  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


[b]04/??/71 @ Ski Lodge (Gatlinburg Studios)  (2 discs)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


This original 1 disc compilation has been remastered and split onto two discs, and two bonus tracks have been added at the end.  The first bonus track is an alternate studio version of “Loan Me A Dime” by Boz Scaggs with Duane, and the second bonus track is the only known live recording of “Little Martha” by Duane, which was recorded backstage at the Municipal Auditorium in Birmingham on 06/16/71.


[b]05/02/71 @ CCNY, NYC  (2 discs)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


[b]05/09/71 @ Overton Park, Memphis  (1 disc)[/b]


[b]06/05/71 @ The Warehouse, New Orleans  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=tan]{V2 extraction by John Dubois available}[/color]


John Dubois (who worked at the Warehouse and later taped the 09/16/71 show) tells us:


[i]The tapers of ABB 06/05/71 are the same crew that taped the New Years Eve ABB 12/31/70 Warehouse show, being my friend Chaffe and his high school buddies, ultra-ABB-fans, with the intention of just having a home personal recording of the band. So, Chaffe was the source for ABB 06/05/71.[/i]


[b]06/16/71 @ Municipal Auditorium, Birmingham  (1 disc)[/b]


There are two sources of this show, one complete and one partial, the partial recording being slightly better quality than the complete one.  A hybrid of the two recordings has yet to be compiled.


[b][color=red]06/27/71 @ Fillmore East, NYC  (1 disc)[/color][/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


This show is no longer tradable since the release of the deluxe version of “Eat A Peach”, which has this show as a bonus second disc and is therefore now commercially available.  The commercial release does not have the introduction by Bill Graham, however, neither does it have all of the comments by Duane between tracks.


[b]07/05/71 @ Steel Pier, Atlantic City  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


[b]07/17/71 @ Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta – Early Show  (2 discs)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]

(Missing Mountain Jam encore)


[b]07/21/71 @ Central Park, NYC – Early Show  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


[b]07/21/71 @ Central Park, NYC – Late Show  (2 discs)[/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


[b]07/24/71 @ Superball Fest, St Paul  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


[b]08/14/71 @ Richmond Arena  (1 disc)[/b]


[b]08/15/71 @ Academy Of Music, NYC  (2 discs)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]

The first of only four known recordings with Duane playing Blue Sky.


[b][color=red]08/17/71 @ Boston Common  (1 disc)[/color][/b]

NOT FOR TRADE  –  ABB Archive #5 Commercial Release


[b]08/26/71 @ A&R Studios, NYC  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]


[b]09/03/71 @ Palace des Nations, Montreal, Canada (2 discs)[/b]


Presented to us by Steve Cogley (aka oldcoot) in celebration of the monumental occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the forming of the band, who described it as follows:


[i]This is a rough sounding audience source of lesser quality that has chatter, some foul language and has only one really tremendous thing going for it … the original line-up of the Allman Brothers Band!!!  It’s a fairly standard set, but, there are a couple of nice wrinkles to it, because you just never knew where Duane might take the band on any given night.[/i]



Statesboro Blues

Trouble No More

Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’

Done Somebody Wrong

One Way Out

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Whipping Post

Jam>Layla tease>Jam>Revival



You Don’t Love Me>

Soul Serenade>

You Don’t Love Me


[b]09/11/71 @ Littlejohn Coliseum, Clemson  (2 discs)[/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]

The second of only four known recordings with Duane playing Blue Sky.


There was a one disc partial show version available as a bootleg that was slightly better quality than the two disc complete show (although from the same source tape).  Masahiko’s remaster combines the partial bootleg version with the missing tracks from the original source to provide a complete show.


[b]09/16/71 @ The Warehouse, New Orleans  (3 discs)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster of V3 extraction available}[/color]

[color=tan]{V5 extraction by John Dubois available}[/color]

The third of only four known recordings with Duane playing Blue Sky.


This show is considered by most to be as good as it gets with regards to Duane era ABB shows.  The most recent remaster of it was completed by CaptSkipper in January 2007 from John Dubois’ V3 extraction from the original tapes, and his comments were as follows:


[i]“Well, after about a year of it I’ve finally finished up the new updated 9/16/71.  The source is from the original John Dubois recording of the Warehouse show in New Orleans.  John told me on the phone that the tape deck used for the new transfer is a Sony TC 355, on which he re-aligned the play heads and added an additional potentiometer to control the tape speed due to linear speed-ups and slow-downs on the original tape.  This source is the 3rd transfer John has done of this superb show, and his best effort yet as far as I’m concerned.  The original deck used for recording the show was hidden off to the side of the stage, and the AKG Dynamic vocal microphones were hidden (not hanging) in the rafters.  According to John, the silent gap in the Whipping Post was not due to the recorder running out of tape, but rather when he actually had the opportunity to get to the tape deck undetected to flip the tape to side two.  The Whipping Post silent gap has again been patched, as in my other re-master of it, although I like this patch better (my apologies to the purist collectors for repairing the gap).  Along with the normal mastering procedures, a great deal of the time spent on this project was aimed at trying to bring up Gregg’s vocals that were low in the original recording.  I feel I was successful bringing the vocal presence up to some extent and hope the traders enjoy this updated re-master (which by the way probably won’t be the last effort on this great recording by John Dubois).  Many thanks to John for having the foresight to record this, and I also thank John for the opportunity to work on his show”  –  CaptSkipper (Jan 2007). [/i]


John DuBois has since made a couple of newer extractions from the original tapes, the latest of which (V5) is the cleanest yet, but to date (April 2017) this has not been remastered to bring out the vocals.  John's story regarding the taping is documented in: "The Taping Story of 9/16/71, ABB at a Warehouse", link below:


[b]09/17/71 @ Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


[b][color=red]09/19/71 @ SUNY, Stony Brook  (1 disc)[/color][/b]


This show is not considered to be tradable due to the ABB Archive #2 commercial release.  The ABB Archive #2 is a two disc version, and is the fourth of only four known recordings with Duane playing Blue Sky.  The originally traded version, however, is a one disc version that when compared to the commercial release would appear to be missing “Blue Sky”, "You Don’t Love Me” and "Mountain Jam”.  It comprises seven tracks, five of which are the same versions that are on the commercial release, but two “One Way Out” & “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed” that are different, suggesting that perhaps the commercial release is a combination of tracks from the early and late shows, whereas the originally traded show might be just from the early show.


[b]09/27/71 @ State Fairgrounds, Dallas, Texas (1 disc)[/b]


Set List

Statesboro Blues

Trouble No More

Don't Keep Me Wonderin'

Done Somebody Wrong

One Way Out

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed *

Stormy Monday *

You Don't Love Me *

Hot 'Lanta *


* with Rahsaan Roland Kirk on sax


Footnote: an SRV documentary mentions that both Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan were at this show as they knew the ticket manager at the State Fairgrounds.


[b]09/28/71 @ Municipal Auditorium, Austin  (1 disc) [/b]

[color=lime]{Masahiko Remaster available}[/color]


[b]10/15/71 @ Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh  (1 disc)[/b]

[color=gold]{CaptSkipper Remaster available}[/color]

The last known live recording with Duane .....



LAST UPDATED 08 / 13 / 2020 … (additional info for 05/02/70)

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