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Betts Appreciation Thread

Peach Extraordianire

I decided to start this thread, a quick story and some thoughts.

I saw his band in 2013 at a street fair in Stroudsburg, Pa (The Poconos area.) Main Street was blocked off and the stage was set up on the street.

There was some sort of electrical issue on stage and it looked like there was going to be a delay and I could see that Dickey was going to walk off and go somewhere to wait it out.

I rushed over to the sidewalk where I imagined he would be walking, got there and stuck my hand out to him to shake. He acted like I was a long lost friend and he was genuinely happy to see me, shaking my hand, asking how I was doing, smiling but kept on walking.

That's all I wanted, no expectations of anything more. He could have ignored me and walked right by, he didn't.

I have seen him multiple times at Freebird in Jacksonville Beach, up close and personal venue. Got a guitar pick one time, high fived him several times there.

On other thing I always recall when his name comes up is the story in one of the many books we all have probably read, can't remember which one.

The band was in NYC I think and Gregg wasn't in the best of shape, they were catching a cab, some yuppy suits were making fun of the hippy with the long blonde hair that obviously was in rough shape - and Dickey promptly kicking their asses.

I guess making this thread was in response to the other thread on the current troubles there in Osprey, Florida and the tiny amount of Dickey bashing, which probably wasn't really Dickey bashing at all, nonetheless, I appreciate Dickey Betts.

Topic starter Posted : April 7, 2017 11:58 am
World Class Peach

Not many would have stuck with it, after Dickey took as ill as he did on the ABB's very first road trip, to Boston in 1969 -- he caught the hep, and was absolutely as sick as could be -- what an intro to life on the road
Gregg recalled vividly in his book the extent of Dickey's illness, especially the trip from Boston to NY, when Dickey was barely among the living, to Twiggs' aunt's house -- then to the hospital -- than back to Twiggs' aunt's house in Rye NY to convalesce --
Dickey is an artist to be appreciated every single day -- thanks for the music, bro

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Posted : April 11, 2017 6:28 pm
Peach Pit

I wish Dickey would have never left the ABB, but we all have to follow our own paths in life. I was fortunate enough to see him play with the ABB back in 1981 in San Diego. Great show, great guitarist and the greatest rock band ever, IMHO. Thanks Dickey! Cool

Posted : May 29, 2017 2:08 pm
World Class Peach

Happy birthday bro, & the news of doing a few shows is a big-time present for all of your fans!!

Posted : December 12, 2017 10:30 am