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my bass riggs

Peach Bud

Although my beloved '72 Rick 4001 was stolen from Lennox Square parking lot in mid 1980's I replaced it with a used '78, which I have modified with Bartolini Jazz pups.

My other basses include: 1998 Fender AB-1, 1999 Fender Precision, 2001 ZON Sonus6 fretless Custom, 2009 Squier Jazz Bass active-5.

Amps include: 1971 Kustom 200-B, 1974 Acoustic 370 head, 70's Sunn 1-18VH folded horn, Acoustic B200 Combo, Acoustic B200 Head w/1-15 cab.

Boxes, etc. include: used black-faced Furman PQE-3, Line6 Black Butter Bean, Korg Pbx-4B and a Whirlwind A-B-Y box. I use the A/B/Y to run 2 rigs simultaneously or 2 basses into 1 amp.

The tune determines whether I use a pick or fingers. I have 2 basses with flats, rest are strung rounds.

Although I have experience in symphonic, jazz, classic rock, country, and 70-80's prog, I prefer electric blues from Allmans to Zeppelin with Gary Moore, Clapton and others in between.

Seeking paying gigs, btw..NO TIP BOX GIGS, please.

Topic starter Posted : June 7, 2016 3:40 pm