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Watched the Clive Davis documentary on Netflix...

World Class Peach

They quickly talked about a few of his misses.  Didn't mention ABB's Aristra years.  Mostly talked about all the hits he produced and talent discovered.




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Peach Extraordianire

Davis put a lot of pressure on the ABB to write songs that were dripping "hit single, hit single". Davis wanted a Doobie Brothers kind of band, especially after Michael McDonald joined. 

Incase some may not remember that strange period for the ABB, this is the story Dickey and Gregg were telling when they emerged as The Gregg Allman Band and Betts, Hall, Leavell and Trucks.

After Reach For The Sky stalled commercially ( didn't sell close to Enlightened ), Davis brought in John Ryan to produce Brothers of the Road which sold less than Reach For The Sky. It did have some catchy songs such as Straight From The Heart and Maybe We Can Go Back To Yesterday and you could tell they were trying for a hit single. 

The ABB refused to make another album not their way and Davis was adamant they WOULD NOT make another album for his label if they didn't. It was a three album deal so Davis locked them out and the ABB as Dickey explained it, " backed the band out of the 1980's". Dickey also said music trends didn't favor their sound by 1980 so they downsized into smaller bands and soon was back in bars and small clubs.  

This song should have been a hit single to me. It's catchy but a real departure for the Allman Brothers. 


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Posted : January 14, 2022 5:56 am
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Peach Bud

I know it's really not cool to admit, but I always liked that song. I think if you go back through those Arista albums there are few nuggets, not many but some.

Posted : January 16, 2022 9:22 pm
Peach Extraordianire

@charlieo Yes it's a good song. It was begun by Danny Toler who turned it over to Gregg who did a good job finishing and shaping it.  Gregg and Danny became close beginning during the Arista years and when Davis locked the ABB out of the studio and they decided to put the band on the shelf again, Danny went with Gregg and so did brother Frankie Toler on drums. 

I'm not completely certain but my guess is that is Danny Toler playing all the lead guitar parts.

The first few times I saw Danny Toler he was playing a Stratocaster. But after playing with Dickey for a few years and especially after Dickey gave him the LP Dickey is said to have used on At Fillmore East, Danny sounded so much like Dickey it was sometimes hard to tell who is who on those Great Southern and ABB albums on which he appeared. I discovered the ABB in very early 1970 and was immediately hooked like a drug. All the other guitarists to have played in the band had completely different styles than Dickey. So it is easy to tell them apart. 

When Danny rejoined Great Southern briefly in the 2000s, Danny was back on a Strat and often used it's whammy bar which put some distance between his style and Dickey's. I was disappointed with Danny when I read some years after he quit Great Southern that he sold the famous LP Dickey gave him. I guess he needed the money. 

Here he is in 1978 and playing a different make guitar than Dickey which gave Danny a different tone. 


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Posted : January 17, 2022 8:25 am
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Peach Extraordianire

Here is one Gregg wrote on Brothers Of The Road that perhaps isn't a hit but a good song. 


Clive Davis frustrated and disappointed with Reach For The Sky brought in producer John Ryan to produce Brothers of the Road. Davis wanted hit singles like the Doobie Brothers had been scoring especially after Michael McDonald joined. So Clive Davis told the band WHO the next producer would be. Davis didn't know NOBODY told Gregg and Dickey what to do. But they went along with John Ryan producing. 

John Ryan had produced albums for Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Styx, Santana, Climax Blues Band, Badfinger, Pure Prairie League etc. 

When the ABB finished Brothers of the Road, Gregg felt as if he was back in the Hourglass and Liberty Records with a record company owner telling them what to record and how to record. 

Gregg and Butch decided and Dickey agreed, they were not going through that again and they didn't care how powerful Clive Davis was and how many big albums a producer had under his belt. The Allman Brothers Band was going back to doing it their way or no way. 

Butch also later said not only were they with the wrong lable, lable owner and producer, the chemistry was wrong in that lineup. Chuck Leavell and Lamar Williams wouldn't come back so they added people in Dickey's band and it just didn't work. Butch also said Dickey was very angry at Jaimoe for caving to his then wife Candy Oakley and demanding a financial audit of the band's activity. When Jaimoe didn't back down Dickey wanted to vote him out and Butch and Gregg reluctantly went along and Butch regretted that vote the first time they played with Frankie Toler as the other drummer. Butch said Jaimoe NEVER got in his way. But with Toler, everytime Butch started to play something, Frankie Toler was already playing it. 

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Posted : January 17, 2022 12:39 pm
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Peach Master

`Maybe We Can Go Back To Yesterday' is one of my very favourite Allman tracks.

But when you never play it live.....

Posted : January 17, 2022 2:28 pm