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Roadies Past and Present


Twiggs, the ABB's original road manager, also deftly handled their sound systems.

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Joe Dan Petty

Joe Dan, an original roadie with the ABB, was Dickey's guitar tech until his death in a private plane crash in Macon, January, 2000.

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Red Dog

Red Dog, an original roadie with the band, hit the road with them for 32 years.
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Tuffy teamed up with Twiggs and Mike to handle the ABB's sound systems in the early years.

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Kim Payne

Kim was a stagehand and equipment handler. We don't have much info on Kim -- help us out if you do.

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Hall of Fame

To date there have been performers, producers, managers, etc inducted into the HOF, but no roadies. What better way to correct this oversight than by inducting the most famous roadies of all time, Red Dog and Joe Dan?

Join the campaign by sending a letter to:

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
1 Key Plaza
Cleveland, Ohio 44155

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Mike Callahan

Mike Callahan, another founding road crew member, worked with Twiggs, and Tuffy to handle the sound systems. One of the cooler things we've been able to do here at Hittin' the Web was to hook Mike Callahan and Willie Perkins up via email after more than 20 years of being out of touch!

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Roadies Past and Present

The Allman Brothers Band has long had the philosophy that "The Band" was not just the guys playing instruments, but everyone who worked together to put the show on every night. The crew, the roadies -- the ABB first honored them publicly on the back of the Fillmore East album.
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