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Van Halen - Bad Women (Warner Brothers Demo - Enhanced Audio 2021) and "Fools" @ Piper Club Rome Italy 1980

World Class Peach

Unfortunately is this is lip synced 😝 😝 😝

Everyone has a plan, till you get punched in the face,

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Richest former member of Van Halen is Sammy Hagar!!!!

Sammy Hagar $150 million 

Eddie Van Halen $120 million 

Alex Van Halen $110 million 

Michael Anthony $80 million 

David Lee Roth $60 million 


Wealthiest ABB member is Dickey at $40 million.

Gregg $15 million 

Warren $13 million 

Derek $6 million 

Jaimoe $1.5 million 

Butch IRS problem. Perhaps no net worth. Site says he was $1 million in the hole with Uncle Sam.

Duane's estate is currently worth $300 thousand.


Eric Clapton $450 million 

Keith Richards $500 million 

Slash $90 million  

Jimmy Page $200 million 

Richie Blackmore $16 million 

Jack Pearson ( not a millionaire)

Bruce Springsteen $500 million 

Paul McCartney $ 1 billion 200 million 

David Gilmore $180 million 

Roger Waters $310 million 














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Stray Cats, Eddie Van Halen, Les Paul, B.B.King, David Gilmore, Steve Miller all take turns doing the boogie! 

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Thanks for sharing rd.

Hard to believe Duane's estate isn't worth more. Who owns Duane estate? Is it Galadrielle?

Doubt she would ever sell them but the two Duane Les Paul's she owns must be worth a couple of million plus considering his Layla goldtop sold for 1.25 million

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@bill_graham Yes Gregg said his brother had just received a good royalty check for At Fillmore East which had gone gold (500,000 copies-it went on to sell over 1 million) when Duane was killed so it bugged Gregg that his brother didn't share in the money. Gregg said after Eat A Peach was released, the money just poured in. 

So I assume most of Duane's $300,000 estate ( assuming the site has it right)  accumulated after his death. 

The SG Dickey gave Duane sold for a tidy sum too. No doubt those Les Pauls would fetch a million each. 

Yes it's my understanding Galadrielle is the Duane Allman estate. Guess it's Duane's royalty for writing Little Martha, one sixth of Hot 'Lanta and a piece of Mountain Jam. I've read Donovan gets the lion's share of Mountain Jam. Then there is Duane's artist cut of the first four albums by the ABB. BUT in 1991 A Decade of Hits was released by Polydor, tracks from ABB Capricorn albums and it sold over 2 million copies!! When it earned it's first Platinum record Butch was posting on the site and became angry that by then the band got NOTHING from Capricorn tracks, only the song writers and Dickey and Gregg made over a million dollars off that release and Butch got NOTHING. Butch was upset about that apparently for a long time and wrote on his blog that he was going to look for ways he too can make money in addition to his cut of the gigs and Epic albums. Butch was angry at Dickey for not letting him have a writing credit for In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. I think I may have been the fan who posted to Butch asking why he didn't go to Duane and Butch said he did and Duane took up for Dickey telling him who ever brings the song to the band is the writer not what ones in the band come up with to contribute to the songs arrangement. Butch wrote that famous drum pattern and solo apparently when the band was working the song similar to Berry Oakley writing the iconic bass opening and bass line for Whipping Post without a writing credit and not with Dickey when the song was being created from scratch. 

So it seems likey Galadrielle doesn't get anything from the Capricorn catalog. Apparently Phil Walden didn't have the band's best interest in mind with the contract. The manager also owns the lable I guess is not a good way to go. Then the Capricorn bankruptcy may be why the band doesn't get an artist royalty. 

So guessing here with the things that got printed and don't know the inside story with complete details. 

In 2000 and for a couple of years Butch wanted to expunge all Dickey songs and erase Dickey's participation with the band. Butch's blog topper was a big picture of the original band and Dickey had been electronically erased from the photo and just 5 of them were seen. Kinda like cutting an X wife out of old pictures with scissors:) But they never did removed all of Dickey's songs from their sets and when they finally folded in 2014, Dickey was still the wealthiest one at $40 million so I guess it all worked out with Gregg and Dickey becoming friends again. 


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