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25 Years Ago: Van Halen Release ‘Me Wise Magic’ Amid Reunion Fail

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Everyone has a plan, till you get punched in the face,

Topic starter Posted : October 27, 2021 8:41 am
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Despite Dave’s obvious out of shape vocals on this tune, it’s a great song.....For anyone who doesn’t get the adulation and love for EVH, listen to this song as right out of the gate it’s a great representation of his innovative use of the guitar and his very impressive ability to craft a great song via such innovation.

Not to mention his stellar chops and virtuosity playing are on full display....Here’s how EVH described the song years ago in an interview:


25 years ago today, Van Halen sent a little Zen headed your way! “Me WISE MAGIC” became the band's 13th No. 1 Billboard Mainstream Rock Track, maintaining the # 1 position for 6 weeks during the autumn of 1996. It was the first of two highly anticipated tracks recorded by the band with its original lead vocalist and songwriter, David Lee Roth. Together with the other new song on the compilation album, "Can't Get This Stuff No More", it's the last song recorded by the original line-up.
The lyrics were written in the first person. They present a series of questions and statements about self-awareness, religious belief and superstitions - alternating between the points of view of God and a human being.
Eddie Van Halen said about the song, "I thought it was majestic; it takes you on a roller coaster because there are so many changes. I nicknamed it "The Three Faces of “Shamus," because there is that first low part, the high part, and then the chorus. All three have completely different vibes going on."

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are we sure michael anthony plays bass on these two tunes?

Posted : October 27, 2021 8:44 pm