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ABB non Duane and Berry live releases

World Class Peach

Just looking to verify the 1970's non Duane and Barry releases(official or somewhat official). Not needing anything from the Toler era or boot's. I like to make compilations and also for reference purposes for a podcast.

The ones I have and are aware of are....

Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas
Nassau Coliseum 5-1-1973
Macon 2-11-1972
Brothers and Sister Super Deluxe Edition discs 3 and 4 Winterland 9-26-1973

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Peach Extraordianire

Sounds like ya got it nailed, perhaps less AWTNMore Mar y Sol festival

Your compilation would also imho do well w/the additions of Les Brers & Mtn Jam (partial), 1/25/72 Atlanta, was on the radio, pretty good quality, great Les Brers, close to the version off the upcoming album🎵🎶

but yeah the ‘gray market’ stuff too WGlen was released like that, also years ago, 1972 Hollywood Bowl w/Johnny Winter sitting in....

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World Class Peach

@stephen Thanks!

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Ultimate Peach

Berry Oakley played on the Macon 2-11-1972 concert.

Berry died on November 11, 1972 and his last Allman Bros concert was Hofstra on November 2, 1972 and there is pro-shot video from ABC's In Concert TV show. Any concert in 1972 before that date would have Berry on bass.

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Posted : February 23, 2021 3:38 pm
Extreme Peach

Too bad this 1973 Watkins Glen show is just an okay audience tape with 600,000 fans because the second set SMOKES!!! Statesboro Blues, Ramblin Man, Jessica, Midnight Rider, You Don't Love Me with a long hot jam that seques into Les Brer in A Minor then Whipping Post. 

First set has some amp problems but a nice Blue Sky, One Way Out, Liz Reed. 

This may be my second favorite lineup especially how they played in 1973. They were struggling by 1975 and crashed in May 1976. Just couldn't keep in on the road. 

Gregg, Dickey, Jaimoe, Butch with new guys Chuck and Lamar. 

This line up became the most commercially successful as 1973 rolled along. Brothers and Sisters number one for five weeks and over four million copies sold. Head lining and selling out Coliseums coast to coast. 

Gregg doubted Brothers and Sisters would sell well and Gregg said having that album at number one for five weeks in a row caught all of them off guard. They weren't ready for that kind of success. Money pouring in, drugs, booze then the solo tours and albums and Cher helped to derail their huge success soon after it happened. The ABB was never that big again. 

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