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'Why Duane Allman Didn't Want To Be the Next Hendrix' by Alan Paul  

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Duane was a unique individual

Posted : November 23, 2016 11:16 pm
Peach Head

If the message in that article is true, that Duane s mostly famous now for being the founder of the Allman's, I find that a little very sad. Better he is known for what he was, arguably the greatest guitarist ever, even perhaps America's greatest musician ever. I notice when you just casually see a band on a late show or something, ever since Trucks, nobody's doing slide amymore, at least not in Duane's style.

Posted : November 25, 2016 9:45 am
Extreme Peach

I don't know when, but I read that Duane told Geraldine that he didn't want to be a rock star, he just wanted to play his music.

Some time in 1970 or 71 Rolling Stone had an interview with Duane in progress when he suggested having a couple of the other guys in the band participate to provide a broader point of view.

I also read once that Duane was upset by the separate picture of him and Gregg in the gatefold of the the first album. He hated being the focus of attention.

Think about the way he encouraged people to pay attention to Dickey. He once said, "I'm the famous one, but he's the good one!"

Amazing humility for someone that young. He knew he was good, but didn't hog the spotlight.

I wish I could remember specifics about the above, but....


Topic starter Posted : November 26, 2016 1:08 pm
Peach Bud

hmm . .

"Duane had something larger in mind: another stellar lead player to help spark him."

Actually, it was Berry Oakley who refused to leave Dickey behind. It was a time of musical creativity in Jacksonville. The players were all complexly connected and Berry argued to have Dickey on stage beside them - a very smart move. And no one should consider Duane Allman the guru over a bunch of eejits. Nothing could be further from the truth and he would be the first to say so.

"He never said, 'This is my band.'

No - he didn't. He made a point of saying he was not the leader all the time, right before he told everyone what to do.

: )

And his chartreuse bowling shoes were not ridiculous. They were tres chic.

Au revoir and joie de vivre.

Posted : November 26, 2016 3:07 pm