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I swipped this off the organissimo jazz forum

"Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds
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Posted 29 Apr 2016

My favorite non-jazz or non-free improv music is the band that played for more people than any other musical outfit in the history of the world.

as far as some of the comments regarding subjective reasoning, I do *know* that Duane Allman was one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived and it has *nothing* to do with an opinion.

as is the case with Peter Brotzmann when it comes to playing a horn

Scott Dolan
Dr. Funkenstein
Scott Dolan
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Posted 30 Apr 2016

I doubt Duane Allman would make the top 25 best guitarists list of 99% of the people.

I appreciate how you consider yourself an outsider, on the bleeding edge of obscure hipness. And while I certainly have no problem with that, it still doesn't mean your claims trump popular opinion. It actually makes SURE that they don't. And it's actually kind of funny/sad: you actively look down your nose sneering at artists you feel are inferior, yet the other side doesn't look down their nose and sneer at your precious artists. They're simply not aware of them because they are painfully niche, and meant for very few.

I don't know, it's almost like feeling you're one up on everyone else because you have this secret that nobody else knows. But at the end of the day, does it really even matter? Enjoy the artists who speak to you and leave the rest out of the picture. And realize that, ultimately, you "know" nothing.

And The Allman Brothers played for more people than any other music act in history? Where did this fairy tale originate? "

Don't know how to feel. At first it felt like a putdown. Guess they're talking you don't have to famous to be great. I think though that although Duane isn't a household name his music has been all pervasive both as from popularity and a standard for supreme guitar playing.

Posted : September 15, 2018 2:11 pm