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Old Brothers fan - new to trading. Help please

Peach Pit

Been a Brothers fan since the beginning. Wore out numerous records and cassettes. Wish to live some shows I didn't see. Don't have any to trade, but sure want to. "Every time I go to Georgia, I eat a peach for Peace." Peace and Strength to all

Topic starter Posted : March 15, 2015 8:48 am
Peach Pro

Hey, Johnny -

Glad to help a Brother out!

There's a new way to trade, where you don't have to have nuthin to trade! They call it Vining...

At the bottom of the Music heading there's a forum called Vines. Check it out. Right up top, there's a thread called Vining...How to... (you can just click anywhere in the yellow 'Vining...How to...' to take you straight there - on this site, yellow text means a link). No need to read the whole thing, the first couple of posts sums it up pretty well. Most everybody here is real friendly, don't be afraid to send a Private Message (PM) anybody if you have a question.

It's pretty cool. You don't have to have anything to offer, and don't have to send blanks and postage to anyone. You just have to be willing to send whatever you sign up for along to the next to sign-up and to play nice with everybody.... Cool

Right now, I happen to be sitting on a vine which is ready to go out, which is a set of 3 DVDs from the last show on 10/28/14, HERE. I'd love to send these along to you and help get you started with this vining thing we got here. Me, I was in the same boat just two months ago. I'll help get you started anyway I can. Just ask.

To get in on this send me a PM with your mailing address. To send a PM just click on my name in the box to the left in this post. Then, update the thread by copying the list from the end of the thread, and add your name to the end. Sounds to easy right?

Feel free to sign-up for any of the Vines that tickle your fancy.

If you do sign-up for the 10/28/14 DVDs, I'll be sure to throw in a bunch of BONUS CDs that you can just keep and won't need to send back out with the vine DVDs. I'd offer DVDs, but my DVD burner seems to be acting up right now and is unreliable..

Let me know how I can be of further help. Consider yourself adopted. And, may I be the first to say,

"WELCOME to Hittin the Web with The ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND"

Yours Truly,

PS - Do be advised that this site is kinda old and clunky (aren't we all!0 and it has some bugs... Wadaya want fer nuthin??

Posted : March 26, 2015 1:21 am