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ABB Tribute Band in Chicago... Where Can I Post on Hittin' The Web?

Peach Pit

I don't wanna anger anyone, so I'm asking politely: I'm in an Allman Brothers (and Southern Rock) tribute band in Chicago. We play around the area frequently: clubs, fests, Harley dealers, all over.

We play, on any given night, as many as 20 Allman Brothers tunes, along with music by ZZ, Skynyrd, SRV, and some blues, some country, etc. It's a fun band with some high level players.

The Band is the Almost Brothers Band ( I'm the dude you see singin' and playin' the black Tele in the video on our homepage. I'm also the editor of and have interviewed Warren and Derek a couple times each, and long ago, Tom Dowd. Not so with Dickey, unfortunately, but maybe soon...

Anyway, is there an appropriate place on for me to post to let people know where we are playing? And/or does anyone know any good websites where it would be beneficial for me to post our show dates?

Long live the Allman Brothers Band!

Adam St. James

Topic starter Posted : November 7, 2014 12:21 pm