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That time we met Jaimoe

World Class Peach

Hey guys, with all the stuff going on and the site moving, I didn't want to lose this so I thought now was a great time to re-post this story from Aspen, Co, (2007, Jazzfest)...Hope you enjoy:

Hey there good people!.. Just returned from a wonderful weekend in Snowmass Colorado. My girlfriend Cheri and I flew in to Denver on Friday morning and after a 5 hour drive, we pulled into Snowmass. Driving through Aspen it was raining like a Mo'fo and by the time we got settled in our room, the Jacuzzi looked and sounded better than the rain at the concert venue, so we missed Nickel Creek and Ben Harper. We did however discover the "Mountain Dragon"... a restaurant / bar just yards from our door..ouch!..(More on that later)...After a night of hard drinking..(To help us unwind).. we walked through the Snowmass mall and out to the Silvertree Hotel to check the lunch Menu in the Dining Room. As we walked up 3 Buses pulled up carrying all of the bands from the Allman Family, I couldn't resist the temptation of walking up to Derek and Mark Q. as they stood in front of the Hotel... I put out my hand and shook hands with both of them and told them how much I appreciated them, Mark said "thanx" and Derek nodded, it was then that I realized, (with Cheri's assistance) that their Bus had just traversed the Independence Pass from Iowa and they were all probably exhausted so, as Gregg grabbed his bag, I let them be. That night, we jumped on the buses that ran down to the Venue to see Joss Stone...(very talented young Girl who rocked the House)... It was then that we realized that we weren't the only peeps affected by the change of altitude, Joss claimed she was ready to pass out and went backstage repeatedly to get a "hit" of oxygen, only to return by skipping barefooted back out onto the Stage. Good Show with about 8,000 peeps in attendance that day. Sorry, but John Legend did nothin' for us, so we left and went back to the Village Mall via tram to get some dinner and drinks (Lots)..After a highly mediocre dinner in the Dining room @ the the Silvertree, we decided to head back to the "Mountain Dragon" for some more cocktails. As we waited for the Elevator, A gentleman with a Very large ABB Mushroom made of what appeared to 24k gold around his neck came up and joined us in our ride down to the lobby. His name escapes me at the moment, but he turned out to be the Allman's manager. I mentioned that we had seen the Band pull up earlier in the day and to be polite we let them do their thing. "You should have gone right up them" he said... "They love it"... "Jaimoe is up in the bar right now, you two should go say hi".. so we went back to the bar, and saw him standing at the corner near the waitress station. We walked up and said "Hey Jaimoe"... "we're big fans and we just wanted to say how much we were looking forward to Tomorrow's show"... a BIG smile erupted on his face and he attempted to sign his Backstage pass from the John Legend show for me but his Pen didn't work. Oh well. So after some small talk (He's really friendly) Cheri and I mentioned that we were going down to the Dragon to hear some Live Music.. "There's Live Music here"?..Jaimoe asked us.. ""Yes"..Cheri said, "And.. they have a Drum set, why don't you come with us"?.. Just at that moment, the Bartender closed the Bar promptly at 10pm.. "sorry, this Bar is closed" he said. Jaimoe then pointed to the booth in the corner and looked at Cheri and said "See that guy"?... "That's John Legend, maybe he'll come with us and sing".. ""John".. Jaimoe barked, but John was busy with his peeps and didn't seem to hear him. "Looks like he'd rather get L**d than sing" Jaimoe said.. Cheri and I laughed and pushed him a little and said "Let's go" . I was holding what was left of my Chicken Dinner as we headed for the Elevator.. "Do we need to stop by your room and put the chicken in the fridge"? Jaimoe asked me. "Sh*t no" I replied.."I am going to toss it, it's only chicken" Jaimoe laughed and looked at me like I was nuts. As we were leaving the bar, two more from the Allman entourage joined us in the elevator. Let's call them M.J. and Colin. An engineer and a stage hand, both of whom were way cool and had Jaimoe's best interests at Heart. We made it to the bar, which was packed, Cheri paid the cover charge for all of us and we went in. ($5 each) MJ, and Colin, went to the only open space in the place and watched the band, while Cheri went to the Women's room and Jaimoe to the Men's. I went to the front of the Stage and made eye contact with the Guitar Player, ( whom I had talked to the prior night ) and said "Hey, we brought Jaimoe with us, is there room for him to play"?... "No Sh*t!.. Jaimoe is here"?... "Yeah" I said, "right there"... "Get him". I walked over to Jaimoe and said "Hey buddy, there's room for you to play".. Jaimoe smiled and said "Ok" and made his way to the Stage. While he was adjusting the stool and getting situated, there was a brief moment where I thought he was going to tumble over backwards....He caught himself and tapped the symbols, nodded at the lead guy as if to say "let's go". The guitar player then announced to the crowd of about 150 that "Jaimoe from the Allman Brothers is here and is gonna play a few tunes with us!" and the place went bonkers as Jaimoe smiled and said thanks to the drummer who happily had given up his set for J Johnny. The Guitar player then fooled with the opening bars of "One Way Out" as M.J. shouted, "NO Allman Brothers!, he likes soul"... Jaimoe played three songs including Stevie Wonder's "Superstition"... I'm telling you the place went absolutely bananas! Way Cool! after the 3 songs the guitar player said thanx to Jaimoe and we all left. Cheri walked with Jaimoe up the front of the Silvertree, gave him a Hug and Said "See you guys tomorrow"...He went upstairs and We went back to our room and opened another bottle of Wine...

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