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video from TTB Beacon 10/6/2021

Peach Extraordianire

Well, some beautiful human taped the 10/6 show skillfully on audience cam, and I feel blessed. Great stuff. 

The blurb on the youtube video breaks down the songs / setlist so that you can find individual songs if you want, but I will say, this is a great show to watch from start to finish because it builds with clear intention and strategy. Freaking great. 

That being said, the opening song "Darling Be Home Soon" and the 5th song "I Know" are worth checking out first if you are on the fence. They both offer primo Derek soloing, in addition to all of the other goods that the TTB serves up. 

I mean, the interplay of slide and trombone on "Right On Time" is pretty great too, as is the Jorma sit-in, and the Marcus King sit-in, and "Don't Keep Me Wonderin," and the song "Hear Me" (which was new to me), and the blistering "Get What You Deserve," and.....




Topic starter Posted : October 19, 2021 11:10 pm
Peach Extraordianire

Enjoyed that. I really like TTB. And I'm a fan of Susan's guitar playing too. Derek trading licks with the Trombone was nice. I like a good bone player. I tried to play a trombone in school. It's a hard instrument to master. 

Who is the best living slide guitar player?? Right now I can't decide between Derek and Jack Pearson. 

Here is the bone player my band teacher Mr. Hull liked the best back in his day if you care to take a listen. Jack Teagarden of New Orleans. 

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