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Man Falls To Death at Phish Concert at Warriors' New Chase Center

World Class Peach

"There were reports on Reddit that had witnesses saying the first person who fell from the upper level landed on his head with enough force to break the seat he struck."

Wow.  Not a Phish fan but I do know that their fans have a reputation for some hard core drug use.  Personally?  I'll stick with my THC.  My buddy Mark's comment:  "They'll never play there again."  Yes, I think he's right.


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A Peach Supreme

There are several conflicting reports out there about whether it was a fall or a jump. Apparently 2 others were injured in non-related "fall" incidents that night, as well. That's a very new arena so I would suspect there is camera footage to investigate. 

It apparently occurred in the very high 3 or 4 hundreds sections. Most everyone is up and moving at these shows and some of those space just aren't designed to protect against that.

No idea if the band avoids this venue going forward, but it would be more plausible for them to use the event as a catalyst for increased safety and awareness going forward. At least that would be my hope.

From the recordings I've heard of these shows, the band was in a really tasty spot and playing well, which makes this all the more tragic. 

Posted : October 19, 2021 4:24 pm
World Class Peach

@islalala:  Interesting perspective by you.  I've never been to Chase so I can't comment on the feasibility of this being an accident.  However I sincerely doubt it.  Two separate incidents at ONE Phish concert?  Even with COVID, The Warriors had fans in attendance at most of their home games there last year and no one was falling like a missile into lower sections.  But then, I'd say the demographic at a Warriors game, and also the ingested substances by fans at a Warriors game, are drastically different than at a Phish show.

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