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Christmas Magic Moments  

Peach Head

Funny how every year there seems to be some music magic moment where you feel like you're one of theThree Wisemen gazing in wonder at the Christmas star. This year for me it's hearing the brand new first time release of an eighty year old recording of Stardust by Herschel Evans, the Duane of the tenor saxophone, for me anyway, but three years ago I was doing some Christmas shopping in a department store when a Christmas blues by Elvis came over the PA. I interupted the salesclerk, "I've gotta stop and hear this." She looked at me like I was a bit nuts, but she stayed quiet. There was a fantastic guitar playing obligatos who suddenly burst into a solo. I couldn't believe it. I wondered, WTF, that can't be, did Duane play with old Elvis? Realized it was a little coarse for Duane, but still, so evocative and beautiful. I learned it was James Burton. I tried to find other solos like that by him with no luck. Now I like to think that was James' tribute to Duane, at least it is for me.

Topic starter Posted : December 17, 2016 10:56 am