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New PC question

Peach Master

Need some advice. My old pc got zapped by a nasty virus, cryptowall . Basically locked up my pc for ransom and encrypted every file. Had a computer friend working on it and was basically told, get a new pc. I had most everything backed up. Not all so my loss.

Need advice on getting anew one, operating system, virus protection, basic music downloading info.

Hate to see my old pc go, had it set up nice where I knew how everything worked. Thanks in advance.

Topic starter Posted : April 29, 2015 5:02 pm
Peach Extraordianire

I'm very, very happy with my Mac Mini.

But, if you want to stick with a PC, I'd suggest you configure own here:

Go to the "configurators" tab and have at it.

They do a great job on the build. Everything is tight and clean.

Posted : April 29, 2015 5:12 pm