The Allman Brothers Band

The 1974 Knebworth Commemorative Set

Henrietta Bannister forwarded us a lovely surprise – a box set commemorating the 1974 festival in Knebworth, England.

This special 1974 Knebworth set commemorates the very first Knebworth festival, headlined by the Allman Brothers Band. This was the festival that helped make Knebworth the legend it became.

The set has been produced in a limited edition of 200 and it is very realisitically priced at £49.99 ($84) plus postage and includes the following:

  • Programmes, flyers and the ticket from 1974 Knebworth festival
  • 12 photos of the 1974 Knebworth festival.
  • 330 page book on the behind the scenes hassles of finding the site and promoting the Knebworth festivals.
  • The famous 30 ins by 20 ins poster used to advertise the festival.

All enclosed in the a very attractive handmade turquoise and silver presentation box.

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