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Newsletter – Layla-O-Gram 10/9/2006

Hey there sweet family,

Layla Allman’s band, Lane Four, has made it into the finals of KFOX’s (98.5, San Jose, CA) third annual Last Band Standing Competition, in the Under 18 category. Now Layla, Gregg’s 13 year old daughter, and her band would super appreciate your help in reaching the next level of the competition.

Here’s the scoop:

Beginning today, Monday, at 9:00 AM Pacific time go to to hear samples of each band in the competition (or just Lane Four, if you’re pressed for time 🙂 ) and cast your vote. The top vote getters in each category will perform live on the Greg Kihn morning show (date TBA), and listeners will again vote for their favorites, to determine the Last Band Standing winners in each category. The winner of each category will receive a $500 gift certificate to Guitar Showcase, a $300 gift certificate for amp repair or modification at King Amplification, and they’ll get to play at the KFOX Can Jam in November.

Let’s help make this happen for Layla and Lane Four! Share this message with as many people as you can and Rock the Vote!

Voting continues until Noon Pacific time on Friday.

Thank you very, very much in advance!

And while we’re talkin’ up daughters, I recently visited Sen. John Edwards’ site and found this under his 24 yr. old daughter Cate’s profile:

What’s Cate listening to?

“Soulshine” – Allman Brothers Band

Whoo hoo! Go, Cate!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland


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