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Chicago Theatre

July 30, 2003

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Revival
20 – Trouble No More
30 – Stand Back
40 – Good Morning Little School Girl
50 – Instrumental Illness
60 – Melissa
70 – Done Somebody Wrong
80 – Rocking Horse
90 – The High Cost Of Low Living
100 – Black Hearted Woman
110 – Woman Across The River
120 – Come and Go Blues
130 – Hoochie Coochie Man
140 – Southbound
150 – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
155 – Encore
160 – Layla

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09/23/2003 brodus

I have been listening to a great recording of this show (thanks to a generous fan I met on this website and was hip to a B&P), and I cannot believe the guitar playing, in particular. I am just in awe. I teach guitar and play professionally, and this is some of the finest jamming I have ever heard. Lyrical, soaring, incendiary lead work by Derek and Warren. They are both totally on fire. I am a fan of both players, and the Allman Brothers, but I wasn’t ready for the power of this show. I am so disappointed I missed this show (I live in Chicago).

08/01/2003 mycophile

seeking recording

Today is Friday and am still not recovered from Wednesday. Absolutely astonishing. I used to think “took my breath away” was a figure of speech but it really did get sucked out of my chest at one point. Would very much enjoy hearing from someone who might know of a recording so I can try to piece together what happened–these guys hold the key to the future of planet earth.

08/01/2003 PurduePeachHead

Unbeliveably quite a few who saw both shows preferred Weds., but who cares both were amazing! A song or two slipped my mind, and this list isn’t in exact order (pretty close though), but here it goes…

1. Revival
2. Trouble No More
3. Stand Back
4. Good Morning Little School Girl (w/ Sonny Boy Williamson Archive video)
5. Done Somebody Wrong (light show starts)
6. High Cost of Low Living
7. Instrumental Illness
8. Rocking Horse
9. Melissa
10. ?
11. Black Hearted Woman
12. Slide Dual (beginning sounded like the new song old friend. real sweet!)
13. Hoochie Coochie Man
14. Southbound
15. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (25+ MIN!)
16. LAYLA!

08/01/2003 sknavis

I was at 7/29, but (sadly) had to miss this show. Would someone be kind enough to provide the set list? Other than “Layla” (which I can’t believe I missed) I don’t know what was played. 7/29 may have been the best ABB show I’ve ever seen, BTW. I can’t imagine 7/30 topping it, but feel free to prove me wrong!

07/30/2003 Novy


WOW! What a show! Nice to see Karl D open. I’ve been lurking for awhile so the no set break & an opener for Chicago was a surprise.

Almost ran out of tape! Look for a post soon to offer this gem up.

Larry, Nice to see you’re still around!

Have a good show.


04/07/2003 larrysynak

It would be great to hear something from Enlighted Rogues at the Chicago Shows.