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Chicago Theatre

July 29, 2003

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – You Don't Love Me
20 – Every Hungry Woman
30 – Statesboro Blues
40 – Worried Down With The Blues
50 – No One To Run With
60 – Old Before My Time
70 – Firing Line
80 – The Same Thing
85 – w/Karl Denson, saxophone
90 – Stormy Monday
100 – Wasted Words
110 – Into The Mystic
120 – Desdemona
126 – w/Kofi Burbridge, flute
130 – Leave My Blues at Home
140 – Dreams
150 – Whipping Post
155 – Encore
160 – Mountain Jam

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08/07/2003 ChicagoJoe17

I Disagree…..they opened the show with a JAM….how can you beat that.
I would rather have a set break and no opener too…
I agree with you about the Desdemona…that was a killer Jam…By far the best new tune.
Dreams>Post E:Mount. Jam-The reason why they still are one of the greatest Band on Earth.

08/04/2003 paulzavodnyik


you are preaching to the choir. I could not agree more. Gregg should just shut up about the split. It happened three years ago. It is time to start playing those songs and move on. We, the loyal Allman fans, deserve it.

08/03/2003 PurduePeachHead

The Brothers played Liz Reed at the Weds. show (as well as @ South Bend this summer), which was 25 minutes! Sorry you missed it. It was a great change up song to “end” this thouroughly hard driving set (and set up for Layla). I do agree that Blue Sky and Jessica would be welcomed additions to future sets regardless of the Dickey situation.

07/31/2003 blueskyben

I love the ABB, I really do. I have seen them at least once a year for the past 6 or 7 years. But I hate to say that I am officially getting sick of them not playing any of Dickey’s songs. I mean come on! Liz Reed, Jessica, Blue Sky, Ramblin Man, etc? Can’t they bury the hatchet? These guys aren’t going to live forever and they should be playing together. The Chicago Theatre was great, and the music was excellent. But the best moment for me was when they teased Blue Sky. Here’s hoping for a reconciliation.

07/30/2003 Novy

Was excited to see Karl Denson opening for the Brothers. Great opener. Wasn’t expecting an opener since the last few years at the Chicago Theater there wasn’t any.

Things that I didn’t like about the show. No set break & no introduction of the band. Yeah we know who they are, but it would have been nice. I love hearing that intro!

Overall, I thought this was one of the better ABB shows that I’ve seen.

Highlights were the Same Thing with Karl sittin’ in. Kind of the Southbound Jam goin’ on, but you’ve got to love Karl! The Desdemona! Oh my God! Outstanding. Dreams > Whipping Post E: Mountain Jam.

Into the Mystic was a great too.

When are the Brothers going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone anyway?

Peace out,


07/30/2003 lespaulman623

Wow! I have yet to miss a Chicago Theater show and have seen the Bros about 20 times give or take since 1992 and this was the best show I have ever seen! After playing one hell of a set, I turned to my friend and said “if they encore with Mountain Jam…which they won’t…this will be the best concert I have ever seen!” I haven’t decided if this tops seeing the Grateful Dead at Alpine Valley or DiMeola, McLaughlin, & Delucia front row at Orchestra Hall but holy shit! What a show!
And yes, that was a Blue Sky tease in the middle of Mountain Jam! My God, how can they top that tonight????
The Chicago Theater is usually pretty chilly but I was dripping with sweat while leaving last night. VERY intense!! Keep up the great work!

07/30/2003 sknavis

Don’t think they’re playing any “Rogues” material right now, but who knows? Personally, I had no complaints about 7/29! This was my seventh ABB show, my third since 2000, and dare I say this was the best I’ve heard them play? Gregg’s really on top of his game right now, and what more can be said about Warren and Derek? Really, this whole band is just smokin’ right now. Oteil continues to blow me away too. The new songs are great, and there’s new life in the old chestnuts (“Wasted Words” sounded completely different).

Was it just me, or did I hear a little “Blue Sky” in the middle of “Mountain Jam” last night? People really seemed to respond to this, so I’m guessing I wasn’t alone in what I heard. I only wish I could go see tonight’s (7/30) show too, but I can’t. I hope I can find high quality recordings of these two shows (e-mail me!).

Oh, and if Warren’s reading this, I want to apologize for probably scaring the crap out of you when you got of the car at the hotel yesterday afternoon. We were in a cab and I was so surprised to see you, so I stuck my head out the window and screamed “WARREN!!” before I thought about what I was doing. Great job last night. Now come back to Wisconsin!

04/07/2003 larrysynak

Hope we can hear something from ENLIGHTENED ROGUES at the Chicago Shows.