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August 1, 2003

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Every Hungry Woman
20 – You Don't Love Me
30 – Statesboro Blues
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – Old Before My Time
60 – Leave My Blues at Home
70 – Come and Go Blues
80 – Who's Been Talking
90 – Midnight Rider
100 – Good Clean Fun
110 – Desdemona
115 – with Karl Denson, saxophone
120 – Rocking Horse
130 – Soulshine
140 – Instrumental Illness
142 – with Karl Denson, saxophone; John Staten, drums
145 – Encore
150 – One Way Out

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04/10/2006 billybarool

Disc: 1

Come & Go Blues
Whos Been Talkin
Midnight Rider
Good Clean Fun

Disc: 2

Rockin Horse
Dark Star Jam*>
TOO Jam*>
Dark Star Jam*>

E: Slide Intro>OWO

* w/ Karl Denson – Sax

07/29/2004 revonah

a friend of mine, and a long time allman bros fan saw this show. he called immediately after the show on his way home and said “i don’t know who i saw tonight”. i’m thinking to myself, hum…… what did he get into tonight?
of course i asked him if he went to see the brothers and he said “i saw a jazz band tonight”. after much probing i came to find out that he did see the brothers and he was extremely impressed and enthusiastic about the jazz flavor the band had this evening. he could not stop raving about this show.

08/27/2003 Marley

Just got this one on CD recently… one of the best I’ve ever heard. Rocks relentlessly from beginning to end. First-rate renditions of a bunch of songs, including maybe the best non-Duane Leave My Blues at Home I’ve heard. If you ask me, the extended (~15 minute) One Way Out may be the best ever. Starts with a long solo from Derek (and you hear his tone SO well), then a Soul Serenade quote with Oteil. Then comes the song with some great solos, including a grooving bass solo from Oteil featuring one of the most unusual quotes I’ve ever heard from the ABB – he quotes The Sabre Dance, a fast-paced song you might hear at the circus. I can’t describe it, but listen and it’s there. Not to be overlooked is some great guest work by Karl Denson on Desdemona and on the mind-blowing excursion that is Instrumental Illness>Dark Star>The Other One>Instrumental Illness, another version for the record books.