The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort
Atlantic City

New Jersey
June 28, 2003

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10 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
20 – Done Somebody Wrong
30 – Black Hearted Woman
40 – Worried Down With The Blues
50 – You Don't Love Me
60 – Midnight Rider
70 – Stand Back
80 – Woman Across The River
90 – Melissa
100 – * without Derek, Jaimoe and Marc
110 – Trouble No More
120 – Rocking Horse
130 – Good Clean Fun
140 – Forty-Four Blues
150 – Instrumental Illness
160 – Encore
170 – Whipping Post

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05/08/2007 JOHNTRIGO

I agree this wasn’t your typical Peach Head #1 crowd, however, that’s not to say the fans didn’t appreciate the great music being offered up by the Bro’s. I remember the first time I saw ABB and how I was just mesmerized about how great this band was playing considering I never got to see DA and BO back in the early days.

Considering the entrance door led right into the slots and tables, along with the comps, maybe the Bro’s should have opened with a “Gambler’s Roll!”

All kidding aside, the band was loose and were have fun on the stage and I thinik even cracking jokes with each other. Yes, there were a few slips, notably Jimmy Herring who was new and getting into a new groove along with Derrick, nevertheless, the show was very good and I think the band was enjoying themselves.

One song not on the list, I know they played was “Mountain Jam” which was a showcase for Derrick and my favorite song of the evening in this almost high school gym setting.

06/30/2003 PAPeachHead

Brothers & Sisters! What a fantastic venue…but I’m in line with the other posters about the crowd. I was 6 rows back on the left (stage right) and at some point I wazs the ONLY one in the place dancing. And the guy that was yelling “Play the classics” was RIGHT behind me. I don’t blame the band at all for calling it quits after only 2 hrs., some people there were just plain rude and how must it have made the band feel that only a very few of us were dancing…must have looked strange to them. But the playing was pretty good, and I had a great time despite all the jokers there!

06/30/2003 bluechipnj

just want to echo the sentiment about a great venue wasted on a really lame crowd.98% sat down for the entire show including the encore!This was the most intimate setting I`ve ever seen the band,and by far the shortest show,barely 2 hrs.There may have been time restraints imposed by the Hilton,but I believe the crowd had a lot to do with the brevity of the concert.There was actually a heckler busting Gregg`s balls to play Blue Sky,who had to be shouted down by another fan.Another jerk was yelling to “Play some hits” during Otiells solo.The place was so small,the band had to hear all this loud and clear,and I really think it kept them from Hittin` the Note.Anyway,looking forward to Philly in Aug.which is billed as a dance concert.Again a disappointing night because of the crowd.not this great band.

06/29/2003 superyankee

Too bad such a great venue was wasted on such a lame audience. Kudos to those who didn’t give into the pseudo-biker yuppies and danced the night away. Anywhere in venue was a good seat, as I wandered the 2500 seat room and got just about every vantage point. Next time, I’ll ask for tickets in the sweet spot: the last seat in the very back right corner. I couldn’t believe it, but the sound back there was better than my seat in the front-center section. Oteil was a little muddy everywhere else.

The band was tight, and appeared to be having fun, but they also seemed rushed. Most of the tunes were faster, harder numbers which kept the intensity going, but kept down the experimentation I’ve come to love from this line-up. Playing was pretty standard, so I assumed the venue’s schedule was tight. It seemed like they were timing everything to fit that schedule. They skipped Dreams, which was on the setlist to fall in-between .44 Blues and Instrumental Illness. Perhaps they jammed too long on something and ran out of time. What resulted was an album-version rendition of Illness into Drums, no Oteil, and a quick return. A short–but sweet–Whipping Post closed for the encore. The show ended at about 10:30, having started about 8:10. .44 Blues was killer, incidentally, with Derek wailing hard.

I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the show–I just wish they could have taken their time. That’s when they seem to do their best.

If anyone was recording, I suppose it would have come out great. The room had very good, reasonably tight acoustics. Never pay for the expensive seats in this joint.