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Nissan Pavilion

June 27, 2003

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
15 – Statesboro Blues
20 – Come and Go Blues
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – Old Before My Time
60 – Leave My Blues at Home
70 – Midnight Rider
80 – Rocking Horse
90 – Desdemona
100 – Who to Believe
110 – The Same Thing
120 – with Karl Denson
130 – Soulshine
140 – Dreams
150 – Instrumental Illness
160 – One Way Out
170 – Encore
180 – Mountain Jam

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Submitted by: onewayout on: 07/12/2003
Submitted by: onewayout on: 07/10/2003
Submitted by: onewayout on: 07/10/2003


07/17/2003 O21381

Songs in setlist above are out of order here is the correct one

1. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
2. Statesboro Blues
3. Come and Go Blues
4. Woman Across The River
5. Old Before My Time
6. Leave My Blues at Home
7. Midnight Rider
8. Rocking Horse
9. Desdemona
10. Who to Believe
11. The Same Thing
with Karl Denson
12. Soulshine
13. Dreams
14. Instrumental Illness
15. One Way Out
16. Mountain Jam

07/08/2003 smarner

The show — and the weather and the sunset!! — were fantastic. But Nissan Pavilion, as always, blew chunks. Aside from the $11 beers, watching people be carted off in handcuffs, or chased through the lawn by overzealous security guards — teenagers in Event Staff t-shirts, for the most part — throughout the course of the entire show was ridiculous. There was absolutely no reason to have the omnipresent security, and it absolutely detracted from the show. Nissan Pavilion can kiss my butt.

06/29/2003 pelican007

Great show I was right up front. I have only one complaint though – stage volume. Only the front row orchestra center section was affected by this because I moved back and was able to hear the mix from the mains better, until security told me to sit back in my seat. Derek’s guitar was drowning out everyone one stage, particularly Warren. Derek’s rythym made it impossible to hear anything Warren was playing. A chant started to have Warren turn up, to no avail. Anyone sitting farther back didn’t notice it though because you were able to hear the mix coming from the mains on the sides of the stage. Come on Derek, Dickey taught you better than that. Watch the stage volume bro. Warren’s to nice to tell ya.

06/25/2003 Bryionak

Little Feat is not opening, they are on the west coast it appears.

It also appears there are a ton of tickets left. Guess maybe some of the DC fans are going to Camden to see The Dead. A few of my friends that would otherwise be at this show are.

And if you have never seen KDTU before make sure you get in to see them. If you have seen em before you know what I am talking about.

06/23/2003 subs

I would like to know how I could get a recording to offer up for trading.

04/28/2003 myjam2

I’m also looking for ticket info. WebMaster???

04/24/2003 Bryionak

Anyone know any ticket info for this show. I don’t see anything on ticket master or Nissan’s site about this show.

04/21/2003 Joker62

Hell yeah, I’ll second that motion!
Really hope to hear “Whippin’ Post” that night. See ya there “Puff Daddy”!…Mike

04/19/2003 jmt

To the band : Talk Gregg into playing Whipping Post at Bristow Virginia.

Thanks, Mike.