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Allman Brothers Band
Eastern Carolina U

North Carolina
February 6, 1972

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02/06/2009 Holt

have to send a PM to Lana or Rowland Archer to correct it.

I have that set too and its REALLy great and probably about the closest sounds we’ll ever get to that night.

03/12/2008 ecumba93

Holt, it appears that you and I are the only ones interested in this concert. I doubt that there is a tape. However, I just today recieved the CD of the Macon concert on Feb 11, 1972. The recording is ok and the set list is about the same as I remember it. This was the show just after the Greenville show.

De you think we can get these folks to correct the name of the school? It has always been East Carolina University, not Eastern.

02/06/2008 Holt

I know this is getting old, but does anyone out there have a copy of this early 5 man band show ?

02/03/2007 Holt

^ 35 years ago. Guess if there was a tape somewhere it would be shedding so badly it probably wouldn’t even play.

02/04/2006 Holt

Does a copy of this show even exist ??

02/13/2005 Holt

Anyone got a copy??

11/11/2003 Holt

thanks for the memories of the show. i passed them on to my dad. he was happy to hear them.

10/10/2003 ecumba93

I was also at that show. I do remember that the Allmans where the only act and that the show started sometime around 2:00 pm. As far as a set list I can only remember a few songs:

Statesboro Blues
Done Somebody Wrong
Les Brers
Midnight Rider
Hot Lanta
Stormy Monday

Barry Oakley was still alive but Duane was gone.

It was a great concert.

01/18/2002 Holt

This was my Dad’s first ABB show. He was attending ECU at the time. He is a big fan of the original band. I would like to find a copy of this on analog or cdr for him. Or any information on this show, like who opened, what the setlist was, etc?? He cannot remember of course. He has long since lost his ticket stub for this show. I looked on the microfiche, for the local newspaper, in Greenville, for information on the show, but found none. Maybe I need to search under the student newspaper at the ECu library. Hopefully next time I’m in Greenville I can do that. If anyone can help out lemme know.