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Allman Brothers Band
Macon City Auditorium

February 11, 1972

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02/11/2008 Holt

Playing it loud and proud today!

11/29/2007 Holt

Get it here>

04/05/2007 felemo54

I have been trying to find info on the second guitar player on “You Don’t Love Me” as well. I called Bill Ector of Hittin’ the Note. He said he was at that concert, but didn’t remember anyone else getting on stage with the 5 surviving members. He mentioned Les Dudek as a possibility. I submitted an inquiry to Les’ web site. His rep responded, regarding Les’ age, but hasn’t responded about whether it was Les playing with them on the one song at that concert.

02/08/2007 Holt

What a hot show!

01/23/2007 JHawke

I also would like to know who is playing the other guitar on You Don’t Love Me. Anybody???????

07/22/2006 huntertopman

Does anyone know who is playing the 2nd guitar on “You Don’t Love Me”? I just got the HTN Release and there are definately 2 different guitars on that song only! It can’t be Gregg because the organ is being played.

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