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Allman Brothers Band
Carnegie Hall
New York

New York
November 25, 1971

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


20 – One Way Out
60 – partial/incorrect order
70 – Listed as 11/25/71 on ABB T Shirt of NY concert dates

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Submitted by: Randy Zahakos on: 10/04/2001


04/13/2004 kkraft

Bought two tickets to this show the day before Duane died. The brothers were to begin a New England tour in early November and play Carnegie Hall on Thanksgiving night. They cancelled the first part of the tour and the first gig they played after Duane’s death was on this date. My buddy decided at the last minute he could not attend so I had an extra ticket. I sold it at face value. The days of being young and naive.
The show was great. They play their typical super long show with an encore. I read the other posts about the guest on the stage being J. Giels. My recollection is that the surprise guest was none other than Eric Clapton. He came out for In memory of Elizabeth Reed and played dueling guitars with Dickie Betts until one by one the band walked off and let Eric have the stage for the a few minutes. What a great night.

04/14/2002 2old2boogie

I went to the late show after eating Thanksgiving dinner. I had seen the ABB many times throughout 1971. It was really strange with Duane not there. The band played their usual set. There was this incredible absence physically and musically. I played Duane’s parts in my head and heart. Dickey Betts had short hair, which looked very strange. He had a cowboy shirt on. One of the Allmans said that Duane had really been looking forward to playing Carnegie Hall. A guitarist played on “Stormy Monday.” I later found out it was J. Geils. Before the concert I thought that there would be a lot of guests playing with the band who Duane had played with. Now 31 years later, I think the best tribute was the band playing and Duane’s parts just silent. It was sad.

01/01/2002 moondog697

late show j.geils jammed on stormy mondaydicky wore his body tatoo shirtand i cried during whipping post .amazing show amazing emotions after all the bros 2nd home was new york