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Allman Brothers Band
Carnegie Hall
New York

New York
November 25, 1971

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03/15/2011 petermatturro

Earlier that evening I saw Emerson Lake and Palmer at MSG. I attended the late show. I remember it being a rough show for the band. Obviously, they were still stunned from the death of Duane, as was the crowd. I remember outside Carnegie Hall people talking about Clapton joining the band for the late show. Never happened.

11/25/2008 Holt

Thanks so much for the memories of the show 2old2boogie!

11/14/2002 2old2boogie

I went to the late show after eating Thanksgiving dinner. I had seen the ABB many times throughout 1971. It was really strange with Duane not there. The band played their usual set. There was this incredible absence physically and musically. I played Duane’s parts in my head and heart. Dickey Betts had short hair, which looked very strange. He had a cowboy shirt on. One of the Allmans said that Duane had really been looking forward to playing Carnegie Hall. A guitarist played on “Stormy Monday.” I later found out it was J. Geils. Before the concert I thought that there would be a lot of guests playing with the band who Duane had played with. Now 31 years later, I think the best tribute was the band playing and Duane’s parts just silent. It was sad.

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