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Watch WOLFGANG VAN HALEN's MAMMOTH WVH Play First Concert As Support Act For GUNS N' ROSES

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For a band that hasn’t played live but a few times they sure are pretty tight....And the young Van Halen has a very nice voice....The first song “Resolve,” is one of my favorites from the album....The solo on the album, which Wolfgang played, sounds a bit like a Warren Haynes solo in not only tone, but the phrasing....In this clip the solo is a bit different.  They guys will only get better....And for someone who never was a lead singer and laid back a bit in Van Halen in a live setting, he’s stepping pretty well into a whole new role as lead singer.....He’ll only get better as with the band as a whole


I love that drum kit.....The dark grey is awesome! 

Posted : August 3, 2021 1:31 pm