The Allman Brothers Band

Bear’s Sonic Journals: Allman Brothers Band, Fillmore East February 1970 Released


The OWSLEY STANLEY FOUNDATION and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND are pleased to announce the CD release of “Bear’s Sonic Journals: Allman Brothers Band, Fillmore East February 1970.” It’s available today exclusively at the Peach Music Festival, then through the OSF website on July 24, and in stores on August 10. This recording showcases an early incarnation of the band from February 11, 13, and 14, 1970, with Duane Allman in full form.

The CD release presents the same playlist as the long out-of-print limited release from 1996, with all new mastering from Bear’s original tapes. In fact, all of the source tapes for the CD have been mastered and will be released as high-resolution downloads (available on July 27 through our website).

These downloads showcase never before released material from each performance, including the earliest known live concert recordings of “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” which the band opened with on each of the three nights. Here’s a sample of it from the February 14 version that’s on the CD. If you’re attending the Festival this week, we hope you’ll stop by the Allman Brothers Band Museum table to visit with us and have a listen…


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