The Allman Brothers Band

Why the Allman Brothers Band is the Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band developed their recipe in 1969, just like Colonel Sanders developed the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken, it doesn’t matter who’s doin’ the cookin’ as long as his recipe is being followed by people capable of following it – it will be KFC Chicken.

Regardless if they actually realized their formula at the time, it was formed, with two main ingredients:
Number 1. Very capable and talented musicianship.
Number 2. Honesty & raw emotion.

The realization that every emotion has a sound and a rhythm that resonates through our body and soul, and their ability to tap in to it from the start. Gregg’s soulful growl conveying hefty doses of real pain backed by the Hammond B3, Duane & Dickey’s soaring guitar rides that translate more emotion than available in the English language, and one of the most powerful & driving rhythm sections to date, The Allman Brothers Band created musical emotions that are alive in all of us. Their live performances allow the band to live and breathe these songs , as the energy expands through out the audience.

The untimely loss of both Duane Allman and bassist Berry Oakley in the early 70s, though devastating to all, proved that the music and the formula as a whole were a larger life force than human mortality. In fact the Allman Brothers Band’s ability to continue and grow brought immortality to the sounds laid down by their lost Brothers.

Through the years and the variations of the ABB, this formula has withstood the test of time. Both The Gregg Allman Band, and Dickey Betts and Great Southern have produced wonderful music and continue to perform exciting shows of their own. The energy and magic of ABB concerts continue to prove that the formula of the original recipe is stronger than all the ingredients individually.

Many thanks to these great musicians of the Allman Brothers Band that opened up and shared their heart and souls to us over and over again for decades. It’s amazing that you have anything left to give.

For up and coming bands, and the longevity of great music, as you’re mastering the technique of your instruments, make sure that you study and learn to play the honest rhythms and sounds of emotion that live inside us all.

Dave Costarella


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