The Allman Brothers Band

Southbound With JNB & HopHead


WOW – finally back to Hot’lanta after a wonderful road trip to FLA with Hophead! We’ve been doing this for about the last decade and this little adventure was one of the finest. It’s always special to see the dTb and the ABB perform in their home state. Lot’s of old friends and characters are everywhere and if you get lucky you can hear many interesting stories about the beginnings of both bands.

WPB was a great start! I was so proud of the dTb for introducing another new song to us at the opening performance. “Pedro in D Minor” (working title) has Cuban influences and developed by leaps and bounds every time it was played. There is also a new cover tune sometimes sung by Susan, sometimes by Mike and sometimes by both that is very, very catchy! I’m not sure of the name but it may be “Movin’ On” or “I’m Movin.” The dTb recorded this for Susan’s next CD and it has radio hit all over it! Very cool tune! Kind of a beach music groove flavored with Motown. I cannot get it out of my mind!

Tom Dowd and his beautiful daughter were backstage for the whole performance and it was so good to see everyone paying their respects to one of the engineering legends of the industry. The ABB was wonderful! The highlight for me was a Derek Dreams.

Ruth Eckerd Hall – the most intimate venue I have every seen the band. Some of the best acoustics as well. The dTb ripped through their set in a very stunning fashion and the ABB seemed very respectful of the venue and performed accordingly. I’m so thankful that I got to be one of 2,300 that saw this treat!

Daytona was amazing. Gregg’s hometown…the Martinique nightclub…the Pier…Lee Hazen’s kitchen where the Escorts recorded their repertoire…Seabreeze High School. I met several people who knew Duane and Gregg growing up and they had entertaining memories to share. One of the guys I talked with was present at the now famous “foot shooting party” where Gregg avoided the draft by shooting himself in the foot. Those boys really tore it up when they were younger! Can you just imagine what fun they had?! You could just feel the whole community was out supporting the show. Even the cops knew a good thing was happening.

Going with Warren to his dressing room during the performance is something I’ll never forget and seeing Gregg perform in his hometown was very moving. I was also touched by the sight of Gregg gently escorting his elderly mother out of the backstage area after the show. She really is a legend in her own right. Make sure to get a copy of this show – WP was extraordinary!

Savannah – what a beautiful city! The crowd was very loud and really into the concert! Met some fans from Finland that had come over to see the band. They traveled more miles that Hophead and I! Sure would be nice if these bands would tour Europe (hint, hint). We all have been talking about how cool it would be to see the dTb in Amsterdam one day (soon I hope!).

Folks in Atlanta and B’ham – be ready to put your boogie shoes on cause these bands are rockin’ full steam ahead! It’s gonna be a great time!

Thank you for your kind comments about our multiple post – we had fun keeping up with the guest book as well! Hope to meet more of you folks in Atlanta.




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