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Roots Rock Revival Scholarship Contest – We Have a Winner!


Music Masters Camps and Roots Rock Revival are teaming up to offer one lucky fan the unique opportunity to win a tent camping scholarship to a Roots Rock Revival! Roots Rock Revival takes place at Full Moon Resort in the Woodstock, New York area of the Catskill Mountains from August 17-21, 2015. This is your opportunity to meet and jam with the band, attend instructional clinics and seminars and more!



When I was about 11 years old, my 18 year old brother asked my Mom if he could borrow the car (1967 Austin Healey Sprite) to go to the beach, it was a hot summer day in the little town we grew up in on the Jersey Shore. My mom said, “Sure, but only if you take your little sister.” My brother just smiled and said, “OK.” Well, we got in the car and he proceeded to head in the opposite direction of the beach. That’s when he laughed and said, “We ‘re not going to the beach, don’t tell Mom, we’re going to a concert!” (My brother knew mom would never have let him have the car if she knew where he was really going, and my getting to go was just a happy accident)- I said, “Right on! Who are we going to see?” He said, “The Allman Brothers Band.” The show was outdoors at Rutgers I believe. What a great day! My first concert and it was awesome! We had to leave a little early, my brother had to get me home from the “beach” by dark. He said it was OK though because he got to see his guitar hero, Duane. My mom was never the wiser. My brother disappeared in 1978 and was never heard from again. I am very grateful for the memory! I would be thrilled to attend your camp, as I sing and write, and would love to get a chance to do it with the best! Thanks. Big hugs to ya’ll sincerely, C.J. Morrison

The scholarship covers all costs including the registration, all events, tent camping, meals and non-alcoholic beverages. Transportation to and from Big Indian is not covered. The winner is required to provide their own tent camping equipment.

Contest Dates: March 3 – 17, 2015
Winner to be Announced by April 1, 2015

Contest submissions will be reviewed on The Allman Brothers Band Facebook page. To enter, simply submit your comment under the Roots Rock Revival Give-Away Contest post no later than March 17, 2015.

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Full contest information is here:
Roots Rock Revival Contest Information


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