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Hey there sweet family,

We’re delighted to announce two things today:

Numero Uno: There’s going to be a Peach Corps exclusive pre-sale of tix for the Allman Brothers Band’s August 10th concert at Alltel Pavilion in Raleigh! Yesss!! Hoo yah!! Whooo Hoooo! And a whole lotta other exclamation point worthy cheering!!! 😉

The pre-sale starts tomorrow (Friday, June 6) at 6:00 PM Eastern Time and runs through Saturday, June 7, at 9:00 AM Eastern time on . There is a 4 ticket limit and the password you’ll need is:


The motivation you’ll need (those of you who’ve already seen the ABB at Alltel are now thinking, “As if !!” ) is as easy as reading reviews of the ABB’s Raleigh show from last year:

“Allman Brothers Band, Alltel Pavilion, 8/24/2002

WOW! Walnut Creek was ROCKIN”! What is it about Raleigh? The Brothers are always outstanding here and tonight was a high water mark as far as I’m concerned. The band was very tight and on the mark in every song, hitting on all cues and cylinders throughout the evening. Great, great set list, played with burning intensity – Hittin’ the Note many, many times. My brain is very blissfully tired but let me try to post some brief comments on the highlights …. “


“Allman Brothers Band, Alltel Pavilion, 8/24/2002

I’ll join the chorus of praises for last night’s show. It was incredible! Gregg, Derek, Warren, Oteil, Jaimoe, Marc and Butch roared through song after song with such energy, finesse, spark, kick-ass full-tilt in your face, heart, mind and spirit great googely moogely jaw dropping hittin’ their noteness that people were crying with joy – when they weren’t dancing and cheering. … What is it about Raleigh??? Come on over next year and find out for yourself!”

To read complete versions of these reviews, and many more, head to the REVIEWS section of:

Which reminds me of Announcement Numero Dos:

Alltel Pavilion has just launched its new web site! Please drop by, take a look around, and maybe even drop them a “Thanks for the ABB pre-sale” in the Guest Book at:

The Allman Brothers Band and Alltel Pavilion go waaay back. In fact, the ABB is the *only* band that has played at Alltel every year it’s been open – this year marks 13 seasons in a row! Happy Anniversary, Peach Babies! 🙂

Enjoy the pre-sale, enjoy (hint: check out the Fun & Games section, but not while you’re at work 😉 ) , enjoy the heck out of the ABB’s summer tour … and we look forward to seeing you in Raleigh August 10!

Take care and know that you are loved,



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