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Newsletter: Peach-O-Gram for November 29, 2005

Hey sweet family,

For those of you in the US, we hope you got together with -your- sweet families and had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We certainly did — great to see you Danielle, Tom, Leslie, Sarah and Kara! Hope you enjoyed the leftovers. Just put some of that turkey over cooked rice and broccoli, throw on some Hollandaise sauce and breadcrumbs, cook it at 350 until browned, mmm, mmm, good! (I suppose we owe Campbell’s a royalty now..)

Here’s some news that’s no turkey — the Instant Live pre-sale has started! By far the number one category of email we get here at HTW goes like this: “I’m in awe, I just saw the most amazing show, how can I get a copy of it?” or “OK, I’m drooling from reading the reviews of last night’s ABB show, that setlist is mind-blowing, I’ve GOT to hear it, I’d give my right arm for a crispy SBD of that show!”

Well, we have some great news for you, you can keep your arms, both of them. In 2003 we had a few shows available on Instant Live CD’s and you loved them. In 2004 you asked for more and the ABB came through with more. In 2005, the ABB heard you loud and clear and made 37 shows available! In addition to individual shows, there are four combo boxes including “how does he pick ’em?” West’s Best 6 shows for the price of 5, and the “please don’t stop Kirk!” West’s Best El Grande 10 for the price of 9, the incredible 3 show Southern Swing (Raleigh – Atlanta – Charlotte — we heard two of these and they were yummier than our turkey and broccoli casserole!), and the mother of all collections, the 109 CD “I just gotta have ’em all!” 37-show set!

Instant Live’s are largely a labor of love for the fans — these are limited runs and not big money makers. We have to know how many to print or we’ll lose our shirts (and we’re too kind to subject you to that view!). So we put them on pre-sale and we’ll print how many you order and maybe a smidge more but that’s it. And so if you don’t pre-order, please don’t complain if you change your mind in a couple of months and they’re gone, because that’s the way it works. OK? Thanks, we knew you’d understand and we love you for it!!

Here’s the link for the pre-sale:

Remember you can always check the Live Show Database on to see fan’s comments and reviews from the shows in case you need help picking. Happy drooling!

OK, hang with me for a second while I switch gears… there, done! The chain stayed on… don’t you hate it when it falls off!?!

If you’re a regular visitor to the Allman Brothers Band Forum, you know that when turkey’s on the table, the Peachies Awards are going to be on the podium! Yes, it’s that time again… time to recognize YOU, the members of our extended Peach Corps family who have made outstanding contributions to the community in 2005. And time for you to vote on your favorite 2005 shows, solos, guests, venues, posts, traders, and lots more. Here’s the scoop: the voting starts now, and runs through Midnight EST on December 9. The Peachies Awards ceremony will be on Thursday, December 15, at 8:30PM EST in the Forum and chat room.

You can vote here:

and we’ll put a link on the home page too.

We have great categories and nominees for the highly coveted Peachies this year — so let freedom ring, cast your vote, sit down and be counted, and the Peachies Awards crew, Steve “Slammer,” Linnie “LinnieXX,” and the mystery elves will do the rest!

Now that’s a lot of news for the “off season,” isn’t it? Always stuff happening with our family… and the Beacon is less than four months away! Stay tuned and…

Take care and know that you are loved,

Rowland and Lana


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