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Newsletter – Peach-O-Gram 03/27/2006

Hey there sweet family,

Every time the Allman Brothers Band plays the Beacon Theatre in NYC history is made. Whether it’s the calibre of music, surprise set lists, special guests, intense love of fans for the band, *everything* adds up to a zensational time. And this year is no exception. Drop by to read the reviews, see the pix, and be part of the excitement that is Peakin’ at the Beacon with the ABB. You might even catch Butch Trucks dropping by to say,

“Guys, I am having a ball. It truly blows my mind every night when I finish and realize that I actually get paid for doing that. Thank you all for helping me feel so good. I actually teared up on Mystic. What a groove with the horns.”

Speaking of hisory, here’s some good news. A new Allman Brothers Band archival CD has just been released! Boston Common 8/17/71, is one you will listen to often, from the first note to the last one! The band played in Boston many times in their early days, and it continues to be one of their favorite towns to perform in. The ABB truly reached their first big peak in 1971, and this single-disc CD showcases the music they presented on the stage each night they went out. Along with some cool samplings of their stage banter are amazing versions of “You Don’t Love Me,” “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” and a riveting and unusual “Whipping Post” that ends the show. Get your copy of this outstanding performance and enjoy it time and time again!

Boston Common 8/17/71 is available only at the Beacon shows *and* through Hittin’ the Note, which also has a ton of new Beacon-wear for peachy fashionistas. The link to help make it all yours is:

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland


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