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Newsletter – Moogis-O-Gram 2009 0201

Hi again sisters and brothers,

A question has come up so many times in the past few days that I’m going to address it right here, so y’all will know the answer.

The question is:

Q: Dear Lana,

You know the rule about the Peach-O-Gram, that “the following information is NOT to be shared, forwarded, distributed, posted, transmitted, or otherwise propagated … ” ? Does that apply to the Moogis-O-Gram?

The answer is:

A: What sweethearts you are to ask! ((group hug)). Nope, the rule most definitely does not apply to the Moogis-O-Gram. Please feel free to share Moogis with the world and direct your tribe to: – where they, and you!, will always have the best seat in the house!

Take care and know that you are loved,



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