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Newsletter – Moogis-O-Gram 1-29-2009

Hey there sweet family,

Five years ago Butch Trucks had a vision of how the Internet could bring the live concert experience into people’s homes around the world, expanding the audience of a live concert to many thousands of music-loving fans.

But this would be more than just another streaming video service that didn’t care about the content itself – it would be an extended community that felt that same magical bond that comes over a crowd during that roar of approval after a soaring solo.

Butch’s vision was right on – but the technology at the time was limited, and it has taken enormous patience and persistence to get to the point where the experience could match the dream – but now, (sfx: huge drum roll!!) sisters and brothers, Moogis has arrived!!!

Moogis offers its subscribers streaming video access to entire live concerts, both in real time and on-demand from its archives. is the gathering place for its subscribers, a social website where you can create your own profile, join discussion groups, hang out with like-minded folks and share the communal experience that music inspires. The site doesn’t have a drum circle yet, but who knows…

All this is coming together in time for the Allman Brothers Band’s historic 40th anniversary run at the Beacon Theatre in New York City . Tickets to the ABBeacon have always sold out and never has that been more obvious than this year when thousands of true fans have struggled with ticket purchases. Struggle no more, Peach Corps – subscribe to Moogis today and you’ll always have the best seat in the house for this truly epic music event!

Start the next great concert experience of your life by heading to and subscribing to get:

*EVERY 2009 Allman Brothers Band Beacon run concert live and on-demand!

*Dozens of on-demand video concerts and scores of audio concerts available right now!

*Full Moogis until 9/30/09 only $100 until 2/15/2009 and $125 thereafter.

Again, your new concert home sweet home is:

See you there!

Please also be sure to check Moogis out in the social graph where you can connect with other Moogis fans, discuss and share great content, and be the first to know about new events, videos and other cool stuff as soon as it’s available!

Gimme a group high five, Moogis has arrived! Whooo hooo!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland – with a special shout out to Butch, “Whoo Hoo! You did it!” ((BT))


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