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Newsletter: Love-O-Gram 2/14/2008

Hey there sweet family,

Happy Valentine’s Day! We volunteered to share your Valentine greetings in this special edition of the Peach-O-Gram, the Love-O-Gram, and here they come. But first, each and every wonderful one of you (76,461 at last count!), let’s get together in a record setting group hug. On the count of three … one … two … three… ((GroupHug!!)) Beautiful! People can you feel it? Love is everywhere! And now, on to your greetings:

• To my wife: Happy Valentine’s. I love You….Bob Faasse

• I’d like to send out my looooooove to my sweetie Virgil. He’s so good to put up with me and my Gregg obsession. Such a good man! Mitzi

• To Cindute, my little Babalute – Love ya baby! – Tavo Kazys

• aiq sends a LOG to miss enigmajean my sweetiepie…and to HTW for helping us “meet up”!

• Happy Valentine’s Day to my concert buddy, Buffalo Bill. From our first show together 25 years ago at the Saratoga Jazz Festival, to our up coming show, DTB in Clearwater, it’s been a great ride! The road goes on forever and I’m so glad to be traveling through life’s journey with you.
Love, G

• Thank you Lana and Rowland, for providing the warm and loving vibe that exists on this web site. Through our mutual love of the band, we have met so many wonderful people that we might not have connected with at a show, had it not been for the web site. It’s always a trip to sit next to someone at a show and end up swapping real names and then, names we use to post. Wishing the band, everyone we’ve met through the site and those we have yet to meet, a very peachy Valentine’s Day!
Gail(again) and (Buffalo) Bill

• Bos’, we love you! Kelly, Sabrina, Jill … and Kris, who you have yet to meet! 😉

• Shuggy, be my Valentine! HarMan

• Sweeties and Left Coast Groovers, hundreds of Peach Corps members send you their love and thanks for the Beacon memories! *k*

• Hey b, you didn’t think I’d pass this opportunity, did you? I love you, baby! … Tig’

• Happy Valentine’s Day, Shey and Marissa! Thanks for being your incredibly wonderful selves!

A special shout out to Lefty Collins (we love you, brother!) and the No Mercy Band (y’all too!), who have a significant anniversary coming up. On February 23rd, 1998, Lefty Collins and The No Mercy Band first appeared on the Back Porch stage at The House of Blues Chicago. They played a week of lunch hour shows that opened the door for a wonderful relationship that continues to this day.

On Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 at 9:30 PM Lefty and his band will hit the Back Porch stage to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of shows at this remarkable venue. The band will also be promoting their current live release, “Turn Your Lamp Down Low” recorded in October 2006 at the historic Douglass Theatre in Macon, Ga.

Chicago, get on down to the House of Blues to celebrate with them! See first hand why Lefty Collins and the No Mercy Band has enjoyed the run they have, and why you’ll be back to see them again and again.

Zenning prayers and positive healing vibes to all those knowingly and unknowingly in need.

Take care and know that Y*O*U are loved on Valentine’s Day and every day,

Lana and Rowland


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