The Allman Brothers Band

Newsletter – Contest Reminder and PPV-O-Gram 2/22/2009

Hey there sweet family,

A reminder: Everyone who has already subscribed to Moogis ( ), or does so by TODAY Sunday, February 22, is going to be entered into a drawing to be Butch’s guest on stage at the Allman Brothers Band concert of your choice this summer! Not only that, but you’ll also get to bring a guest along. Imagine telling that person, “Guess what!! I won!! We’re going to be on stage with the Allman Brothers Band!!”

Please join us in sending prayers and positive vibes to all those knowingly and unknowingly in need including Joseph, Wharfy, MiniPeachNutt, Jax, Woody, Atisa, Keegan, Nephew Jack, Rita’s Mom, Vi and Tony.

Also please join us in celebrating Nic’s joyous health news, and MPN’s wish come true. ((hugs to all))

If you would like to include someone in the fam’s prayers and postive vibes, please let us know.

btw, double-checking of the Peach Corps Beacon pre-sale tickets is nearly complete.

Take care and know that you are loved,



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