The Allman Brothers Band

I’ve Got Dreams

Three of us have been going to the Beacon shows for as long as …well for a long time. We always drag along a ‘rookie” as the fourth. It usually turns out to be a night to remember for him, and increases the fun for us. We go back-way back to the shows in the ’60’s and the Allman Brothers Band is better than ever.

In checking the setlists on the website, it came as no surprise that “Statesboro Blues ” was the most often number performed live. What I did find surprising was the Warren Haines piece “I’ve Got Dreams to Remember” was only performed once. Fortunately, I was there to remember the performance. It was outstanding!

We were there to witness the introduction of a shy, young, blonde slide guitar player, a relative of one of the founding fathers. He first played timidly. The next year he had developed a more self-assured style. The following year he roared. This summer at Jones Beach Theatre it was his show.

Meanwhile, the vocals, the Hammond B3, the glue that holds the band together Gregg, is the one constant with which to identify from where it all began.

Each year the Beacon Shows continue to allow me to wonder “Could it be any better?”. And, each year we keep coming back convinced that this is the best incarnation of The Allman Brothers Band.


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