The Allman Brothers Band

Hey 19 – The Solomon’s Marine Museum Show

The Solomon’s show despite inclement weather was spectacular.

The Allman Bros at Calvert Marine Museum July 2 was an awesome concert. We had seen them at Merryweather in the ’80’s and they were good but this concert was epic. Several songs into the concert a hellacious thunderstorm blew through. It brought back memories of my days at Watkings Glen, NY in the ’70’s. The band, then and now despite different band members, was way tight and played with a vengence. At Watkings Glen and now, at Solomons, I danced soaking wet surrounded by a mass of people (not 600 thou. this time), with the music pulsing thru my body- not stoned, tripping, or covered in mud this concert but sober and totally in this sweet moment.

The band was on fire. They included some Dead tunes and a version of Freebird, as well as, old and new Allman tunes. The new additions to the band, particularly Derek Trucks blended seemlessly with the old die hards and brought a new spark and intensity to the music. What an ensemble of musicians. What a phenomenal experience. We were seated in the fourth row and I was as close to the stage now as I had been after the storms passed thru years ago at the Summer Jam. Gregg looked a bit older but that I night he made me feel like I did when I was 19. Thanks, guys.


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