The Allman Brothers Band

Following the ABB to Berkeley and San Diego

By: fnclough
For: Hittin’ the Web

I think I finally know why all those “Dead-Heads” use to follow the Grateful Dead from venue to venue. I used to think people who would do this had no life of their own. Not now, especially since I am getting all I can of these Allman Brothers!

I got tickets for the Berkeley show for myself, my best friend and our wives. I then got airline tickets to San Diego for my wife and I to join another close friend and his wife to see the Allmans at the Street Scene.

I waited too long to get the Berkeley tickets, about a month in advance, so we got general admission. We were on the lawn way in back, but we loved the show anyway because the Allmans blew us away. Perry, a close friend, and I had fallen in love with the Allmans since we were kids 13 or 14 years old – when Duane and Berry were gracing us with their music and presence. Now we are so happy to have this line up – Gregg, Jaimoe, Butch, Oteil, Marc, Derek, and Warren. It feels like family up there on that stage, and this makes us in the audience feel that much closer. Sorry, and sadly, it took a departure for this to come full circle (Dickey Betts). With this current line up there is no guessing how the band is gonna play or sound – absolutely fantastic!

In San Diego, wow, man! They were just as great – and you can see the changes in how they mix up the song list and who steps out when. These guys are dynamic, changing and exploring, keeping fresh, stretching and grooving…God I love them, their sound and their commitment to each other musically and personally. Plus, I have to admit, I look a little for Duane’s sound each time I go to see the Allmans, and you know, I find his spirit in the way this line up plays.

So, whenever the Allmans play the west coast I am gonna be at as many venues that I can. Perry and I are now planning a east coast trip to see them at the Beacon for at least 3 shows in the week they play because every show is unique, yet consistently scorching.

Long live the Allman Brothers Band.

p.s. I heard about the concert CD offer, but was disappointed that I it was not offered in Berkeley or San Diego. We especially loved “Melissa” with Gregg on acoustic and Warren playing the sweetest leads that had hints of the original lead but beautifully unique in the way Warren played it. And “Layla”, man, I gotta get a copy! I am glad to see the DVD is being released of the Beacon. This will help tide me over until I can see them live again next year…Can someone tell me if the Allmans plan a Beacon run in 2004? Thank you! Peace.


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