The Allman Brothers Band

Feel Oteil

By: EasyMichael

I received my June 2004 “Bass Player” magazine this week, and there’s a very nice mention of Oteil’s playing in the “BP Recommends” CD reviews section. In reviewing “One Way Out: Live at the Beacon Theater”, Chris Jisi writes:

“Putting your own indelible signature on a famous bass chair is no small feat, yet that is precisely what Oteil Burbridge has accomplished in his seven years with the Allmans. On this worthy live double-CD, from the band’s 2003 annual spring trek to New York, Oteil (on his Fodera 6 and ‘64 Fender Jazz) interprets the guitar-sparring lead bass of original Allman Berry Oakley on ‘70s standards like ‘Don’t Keep Me Wondering’ and the less-covered ‘Wasted Words’. On newer tunes, like ‘Rockin’ Horse’, with its 16th-note finger-funk pulse, you can feel Oteil holding back the reins as the rest of the rhythm section threatens to run away from the pocket. Most notable is when Oteil gets to apply his considerable jazz-rooted improvising skills, as on the swinging ‘Instrumental Illness’ and the trippy 6/8 classic, ‘Whipping Post’.”


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