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Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain

August 27, 2006

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – No One To Run With
20 – Statesboro Blues
30 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
40 – Who's Been Talking
50 – Trouble No More
60 – Midnight Rider
70 – Instrumental Illness
80 – Firing Line
90 – The Same Thing
100 – with Danny Louis, keyboards
110 – Desdemona
120 – Black Hearted Woman
130 – Encore
140 – Southbound
150 – Jessica

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09/23/2006 smeltzini

Ive seen the allmans 25 times and this was the worst performance. Luckily they have drummers that consistently highlight the shows. Plus to finish with southbound and jessica without dickeys tune is just lame. Its kind of like eating pizza without cheese… uneventful.

I still think the allmans are great but its time for a tune-up.

09/08/2006 Mike_K_Brothers_Fan

I was also there and have the IL and it is correct. It was Desdemona.

09/03/2006 fenworthy

The set list posted on this site is wrong. The 10th song was Woman Across The River, not Desdemona. I’m positive about this as I was there and have the Instant Live.
What a great show!!!!

08/30/2006 Holt

That’s What Love Will Make You Do
I Believe To My Soul
Slow Happy Boys
Lively Up Yourself
Banks Of The Deep End
Mr. High & Mighty
Brand New Angel
A Million Miles From Yesterday

08/28/2006 baladaman316

In no order

no one to run with
statesboro blues
don’t keep me wonderin’
same thing w/ danny louis
black hearted woman
trouble no more
firing line
instrumental illness
whos been talking
midnight rider

06/11/2006 HauntedWolf

I’m still waitin’ for the pre-sale myself! Looks like tix will be goin’ on sale in a couple of days…WOO HOOOO! I love seein’ shows at the Pavilion on Montage Mtn….it’s only 20 min. for me to get there! I’m still wondering too about getting a couple backstage passes. I’ve a friend comin’ in from Nebraska just for this show, and would like to get him and myself backstage. Anyone have any clues??

05/17/2006 themule84

I agree with you brother.Where’s the sale info for the Scranton show.This is killing me!Anyone with info please help us out.I NEED A MIRACLE MAN!!!!

05/10/2006 Peachy925


05/10/2006 MuleMe

Come on now!!!…..where’s the presale and onsale info????……I’m gettin’ nervous here!!!!!!!!

04/25/2006 Peachy925

Yeah the show there last year was AMAZING! Though they didn’t play Melissa, Hopefully they will play it this year for me! I’ll be there this year for sure!

04/21/2006 MuleMe

This is a great venue….its a engineering marvel…great ABB show there last year….with Jach sittin’ in…..can’t wait!!!!!

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